A smart and powerful leave management system for your business

What is actiPLANS?

actiPLANS is a leave management system that streamlines the entire absence management process. It allows you to request and approve time off with just a click, get the full picture of available resources by reviewing who is off at the moment and keep users’ Paid Time Off and Sick Days balances up-to-date. With actiPLANS, absence management process is effortless for all its participants.

How does it work?

Regular user submits a leave request
Manager approves or rejects the request
User is notified about manager’s decision
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That’s it! actiPLANS unclutters your leave management by eliminating paperwork and reducing communication about upcoming leaves.

How will your company benefit from using actiPLANS?

actiPLANS helps automate the entire absence management process in the company. It provides an easy way to manage time-off requests, inform colleagues about schedule changes, and calculate time-off balances. Any company, from startup to a large business, would benefit from its functionality. Here’s how:

Avoid paperwork and streamline communication
Configure the system according to your company’s policy and enjoy easy leave management process. Request, review and approve leaves in just one click.
Inform your coworkers about your absences on the go
With actiPLANS Mobile app, it’s easy to inform colleagues about last-minute schedule changes. Just submit a note when you’re running late or leaving early. Also, submit leave requests and review who on your team is absent.
Automate leave management
Avoid tedious PTO calculations! actiPLANS automatically updates leave balances according to your custom rules. Just define them in the settings – and have relevant balance figures at hand.
See the full picture
actiPLANS reporting is a powerful tool for summarizing all data on teams’ absences. Configurable reports and colorful charts help you sum up and structure necessary data. Export your reports for further work with their data.
Plan workloads ahead
Stay informed on everyone’s absences. Plan upcoming workloads for your team according to available resources. With actiPLANS, you’ll always have the full picture of future absences at hand in a clear schedule interface.

Who needs actiPLANS?

Regular users:
  • Easily request time-off with just a click;
  • Inform coworkers when running late or leave early in actiPLANS mobile app;
  • Control your leave balances and monitor statuses of your requested leaves.
Team & project managers:
  • Get a clear picture of team members’ absences for any dates and date ranges;
  • Stay informed on new leave requests, review and approve them in one click;
  • Plan workloads for future dates with a clear overview of available resources.
HR managers:
  • Automate calculation of employees’ leave balances;
  • Create custom leave types and balance accrual rules;
  • Generate informative reports on team’s absences.

Why actiPLANS?

It’s simple
actiPLANS doesn’t require any special training for getting started with it. Its simple workflow and intuitive interfaces help create an effortless leave management process.
It’s visual
actiPLANS provides clear schedule views, where all team absences are shown. With its filtering options, you can select only relevant information. What’s more, actiPLANS offers leave time reports with colorful charts.
It’s customizable
Adapt actiPLANS to your company’s needs by creating various leave types, setting up leave balances and their accrual rules, and configuring individual user settings.
It’s secure
We store your information in Amazon data centers, where data is protected according to Amazon safety requirements. The data is backed up and protected by advanced procedures.
It saves time
By eliminating clutter related to requesting and approving absences, actiPLANS is a time-saver for managers and regular employees. With actiPLANS mobile app, you can submit and review leave requests from anywhere on the go.
It offers flexible prices
Choose a package that suits your team best and add more users at any time as your team grows. Subscribe for any period from one month to one year and save more with longer subscription.

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