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What is Positive Work Environment and How to Create One

What is positive work environment and how to create one
We spend so much time at work that positive work environment is vital for us. What’s more, it fosters creativity, improves communication and collaboration, and eventually makes teams more productive. Learn more on how to achieve it!
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PTO, Vacation, Sick Leave: What’s the Difference and What to Choose?

PTO, Vacation, Sick Leave: What’s the Difference and What to Choose?
Paid time-off and vacation – what is the difference between them? The question still tends to be confusing. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these absence types and how they are used.
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Absence Management Guide

Absence Management Guide
How can be absence management procedure shaped to solve both short-term and long-term problems? How to connect it to the company’s goals and vision? See answers in our Absence Management Guide.
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How to Create a Great PTO Policy

work conflict
Whether you’re creating a new paid time off policy or updating an old one, our guide will tell you everything you need to know about how PTO works.
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Workplace Peace: How to Resolve Conflicts in the Workplace

work conflict
Conflicts occur regardless of our desire for the workplace peace. The good news is that every conflict can be managed. Learn more about effective conflict resolution in the workplace.
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Why Staying is Better than Leaving: How to Organize a Great Staycation

A staycation break can be just what you need to relax and get away from it all. Learn how to make a perfect staycation.
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Preventing Workaholism on Your Team

Avoid Workaholism
Although at first glance work-addicted employees may seem to be an asset for the team, workaholism might have a huge negative impact. Let’s see why and how managers can prevent it.
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How Corporate Social Responsibility Can Change Your Work Environment

Every business owner wants to create a productive work environment. That’s not always easy, however, there are some practical ways that are proven to work. Let’s see how corporate social responsibility can help.
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The Pros and Cons of Permalancing

Not a full-time employee, but not a freelancer as well. Permalancers are often depicted as victim-type disposable workforce, but is it really so? In fact, permalancing has pros and cons for both employee and employer.
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Unused PTO: what are your rights?

We know that PTO rules is a matter of agreement between employer and employee. However, that awareness of PTO policy may be insufficient and things may get out of hand. So, let’s figure out what happens if you accrue time off and are unlikely to use it.
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Should You Force Your Employees to Use Vacation Time?

How do your employees use vacation time they earned? Are they reluctant to even plan their leaves? Here’s how to get them to use their leave time without overstepping healthy boundaries.
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Unlimited PTO: Pros and Cons

Unlimited PTO
Why are companies experimenting with unlimited PTO policy? Is it an efficient way to fuel productivity and motivation? We’ve analyzed how it influences work life.
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What Is Workcation and How to Take It?

Want to change something in your life? Workcation may be the right thing for you. Learn more about how to organize your work and have fun. Don’t get carried away.
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Paid Sick Leave:
Myth or Reality?

paid sick leave
While Presenteeism meets wide public condemnation, paid sick leave is steadily dragging in. Learn more on what the situation is now and why is has to change.
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Taking a Sabbatical

taking a sabbatical
Sabbaticals are no longer a privilege of scholars - they are a reality in the world of business. Reed on if you are looking for a change in life.
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How to Avoid Vacation Schedule Disasters

Avoid Scheduling Disasters
The episode with American Airlines, when a glitch allowed all staff to take vacations on Christmas week (and they took that opportunity), demonstrated the harmful effect of vacation schedule errors. Read on to learn how to prevent them.
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Unique Leave of Absence Policies

leave of absence
Unlimited vacation sounds tempting? How about a 6 month leave to run your own startup? Read more to learn about those and other top perks on the market.
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Absenteeism versus Presenteeism

presenteeism vs absenteeism
Nowadays, absenteeism is not the only major problem for a company’s attendance management. Presenteeism is rising – and it tends to cause even more severe consequences for company’s finance and team performance.
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The Unseen Costs of Presenteeism

What is presenteeism
Poor absence management causes many problems related to absenteeism – but presenteeism is even worse. Being a hidden problem, it causes major indirect costs and impairs performance. How to handle it?
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Encouraging Employees to Use Vacation Time

employee vacation policy
Taking vacations is important for both employees and employers. Read on to learn strategies and employee vacation policies that help get the employees to use their earned leave time.
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Employees’ absenteeism in the workplace

Absenteeism in the workplace
Unscheduled absences cost billions to the economy and specific companies. Thankfully, there are ways to handle absenteeism at the workplace and minimize its effects
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Reasons for Calling In Sick:
How Much Do You Really
Need to Know?

reasons for calling in sick
Most people are not comfortable talking about their health. And if you have a valid reason for calling in sick, can your manager ask for details?
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How to Choose a Smart Leave Management Software?

leave management software
Still tracking leaves in a spreadsheet? Consider moving to a special leave management software! Here’s some advice on how to choose a tool that will streamline leave requesting and approval process and save your valuable time.
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Choosing a Smart Vacation Calendar for Your Business

Vacation Calendar
Summer is the time when absence management requires special attention and takes more time than usually. How to find a clear and uncluttered vacation calendar that would simplify leave management process and save managers’ time? See our tips!
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Paid Time-Off For Protests: Uncommon Leave Types Companies Are Using

leave types
Taking a paid leave for participating in a demonstration? That’s what some Silicon Valley companies are offering to their employees. Let’s take a look at our leave time statistics to figure out other uncommon leave types companies are tracking today.
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Common Practices of
Vacation Accrual Rules

vacation accrual rules
How to set up vacation accrual rules for a company? How can vacation time be accrued and spent? Let’s take a look at the common practices in accruing leave balances and automating leave time calculation.
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Three Most Popular
Approaches to
Time Off Request

time off request
Requesting time off is something most of us have done at some point or another, so we all know how utterly frustrating that process can be. But it doesn’t have to!
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Mobile Attendance App:
A Great Way to Make
Your Team’s Life
a Whole Lot Easier

mobile attendance
When people hear ‘employee attendance tracking’ they tend to think of either some crazy high-tech stuff, or something really basic like the good ol’ punch cards. But what if we told you that it can be as simple as an app on your phone?
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actiPLANS: Proud Winner
of FinancesOnline 2016
Employee Leave
Scheduling Awards

leave scheduling
Here at actiPLANS we’ve always believed that we have an excellent product, but it’s always nice to have your work recognized by a team of industry professionals.
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Employee Attendance Tracking
a Way to Reduce Costs and Increase Work Efficiency

attendance management
The benefits of employee attendance tracking don’t limit to a better discipline and motivation: reduced expenses are one of its palpable effects. So how can attendance tracking help avoid extra costs?
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Employee Leave Schedule:
Traditional vs. Modern

leave schedule
Using software tools for employee absence management is a common practice in companies of any size these days. And while familiar applications like Excel certainly get the job done, they pale in comparison to what the more advanced and specialized solutions like actiPLANS are capable of.
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Why Companies Need Absence
Management System

absence management system
Using specialized system for leave planning – yet another chore for employees or an efficient way to optimize absence management in the company? Read on to learn more on features of special tools and see advices on how to choose the right solution.
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