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How to Choose a Smart Leave Management System?

leave management system
Still tracking leaves in a spreadsheet? Consider moving to a special leave management system! Here’s some advice on how to choose a system that will streamline leave requesting and approval process and save your valuable time.
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Choosing a Smart Vacation Calendar for Your Business

Vacation Calendar
Summer is the time when absence management requires special attention and takes more time than usually. How to find a clear and uncluttered vacation calendar that would simplify leave management process and save managers’ time? See our tips!
Read more May, 2017

Paid Time-Off For Protests: Uncommon Leave Types Companies Are Using

leave types
Taking a paid leave for participating in a demonstration? That’s what some Silicon Valley companies are offering to their employees. Let’s take a look at our leave time statistics to figure out other uncommon leave types companies are tracking today.
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Common Practices of
Vacation Accrual Rules

vacation accrual rules
How to set up vacation accrual rules for a company? How can vacation time be accrued and spent? Let’s take a look at the common practices in accruing leave balances and automating leave time calculation.
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Time off Request: It Doesn't
Have to Be a Headache

time off request
Requesting time off is something most of us have done at some point or another, so we all know how utterly frustrating that process can be. But it doesn’t have to!
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Employee Attendance App:
A Great Way to Make
Your Team’s Life
a Whole Lot Easier

employee attendance app
When people hear ‘employee attendance tracking’ they tend to think of either some crazy high-tech stuff, or something really basic like the good ol’ punch cards. But what if we told you that it can be as simple as an app on your phone?
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actiPLANS: Proud Winner
of FinancesOnline 2016
Employee Leave
Scheduling Awards

leave scheduling
Here at actiPLANS we’ve always believed that we have an excellent product, but it’s always nice to have your work recognized by a team of industry professionals.
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Attendance Management:
a Way to Reduce Costs and Increase Work Efficiency

attendance management
The benefits of attendance management don’t limit to a better discipline and motivation: reduced expenses are one of its palpable effects. So how can attendance tracking help avoid extra costs?
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Employee Absence Scheduling:
Traditional vs. Modern

employee absence scheduling
Using software tools for employee absence management is a common practice in companies of any size these days. And while familiar applications like Excel certainly get the job done, they pale in comparison to what the more advanced and specialized solutions like actiPLANS are capable of.
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Why Companies Need Absence
Management Software

absence management software
Using specialized software for leave planning – yet another chore for employees or an efficient way to optimize absence management in the company? Read on to learn more on features of special tools and see advices on how to choose the right solution.
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