FAQs: Choosing Staff Leave Planner actiPLANS

Find answers on most popular questions about actiPLANS

Why should I choose actiPLANS?

actiPLANS has everything you need for an accurate staff leave planning and approval process. From an interactive work schedule and one-click leave requests to approvals and email notifications.

It also helps keep users’ paid time off and sick days balances up-to-date and provides a clear picture of available resources. Leave Time & Balances report is a helpful tool that allows an overview of employees’ leaves and leave balances, representing detailed data in a visual form.

Integration with actiTIME – a time-tracking system – will help you keep current time expenses and planned leaves under closer control.

How can I try actiPLANS before purchasing?

You can try actiPLANS' full functional version by registering free 30-day online trial:


The trial comes with ready-to-use demo data. It is preloaded automatically when you start your trial. Later on, you can clean up demo data when you no longer need it and start working with your own data.

How many users can actiPLANS handle?

The number of user accounts that you can create in actiPLANS is not limited.