FAQs: How to Purchase actiPLANS

Find answers on most popular questions about actiPLANS

What types of payment do you accept?

Since we process payments through PayPal Accounts, we accept major credit/debit cards that are accepted by PayPal: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. You can also pay by wire transfer or check.

major credit

Important note for AMEX cards owners: PayPal transaction system does not accept corporate American Express cards. Please use another credit card or payment option.

Do you store credit card and contact information?

No, we don't. We redirect you to PayPal payment processing service to complete the payment by credit card.

We securely store a copy of the service agreement and invoice. These documents contain some contact information. None of them will be shared with any organization.

Should I sign any agreement when purchasing actiPLANS?

Yes, when purchasing actiPLANS you are to accept and sign our service agreement. Please look through the Application Service Agreement before you proceed to purchase.

Does actiPLANS price include taxes?

actiPLANS prices do not include taxes.

As actiTIME Inc. is a privately held Canadian company, Harmonized Sales Tax or Goods and Services Tax are added to the purchase for Canadian buyers.

Harmonized Sales Tax of 12-15% is applied for the following provinces: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island.

5% Goods and Services Tax is applied for other Canadian provinces.

You can review prices for actiPLANS on our Purchase Page.

How can I increase or decrease the number of active user accounts
in my actiPLANS license?

You can request additional user accounts directly from your actiPLANS. In order to do it please go to the following interface:

Settings -> Licenses -> Request license extension for additional users.

The change will come into effect immediately. You will then be forwarded to our website where you can proceed with the payment. You can decrease the number of user accounts starting from the next service period only.