FAQs: Start Managing Absence with actiPLANS

Find answers on most popular questions about actiPLANS

How secure is actiPLANS and where does my data reside?

The database is stored in our secure data center. It resides in Amazon, the World Number One cloud service provider. We protect your actiPLANS by firewall and make daily backups of your time-tracking data. Access to your actiPLANS installation will be secured with encrypted communication channel and security certificates.

What kind of software and hardware do I need for running actiPLANS?

In order to start working with actiPLANS you will only need one of the supported browsers: Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Edge.

What is the best way to start working with actiPLANS?

You can start working with actiPLANS right away. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Configure General Settings: set up corporate schedule, define PTO and Sick Days balances, select necessary data access options for managers and regular users.

  2. Create Leave Types according to your corporate policy; set up affected balances for each leave type.

  3. Invite your colleagues to actiPLANS, arrange them into departments and time zone groups, grant them necessary permissions, configure their personal schedules and leave balance accrual rules.

How do my colleagues access actiPLANS from their computers?

Create user accounts for your colleagues and send them invitations to actiPLANS. You can do that in the Users interface or directly from the Help menu. Your team members will receive emails with the activation link. Username and password can be set up during the first login.

I can't log in to actiPLANS. What should I do?

If you happen to forget your password you may request a new password by clicking the 'Forgot your password?' link on the login screen.