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actiPLANS automates leave request management. It's quick and easy to submit, modify, approve or reject leave time with nice-looking and intuitive interfaces – both in the future and in the past.

You can create an unlimited number of custom leave types with various rules and settings. Select an affected balance for each leave type, and the system will automatically subtract requested leave from the PTO or Sick Days balance. Choose from 20 colorful icons to personalize each leave type.

Both leave balances – PTO and Sick Days – are managed similarly, however an accrual coefficient is provided for the PTO balance. This feature is helpful e.g. when your company’s policy implies PTO accrual counting working days and Saturdays.

Leave Types

Employee Features

actiPLANS provides a clear and accurate online process for submitting and recording employees’ leaves.

Shared chart shows the employees when their colleagues are absent helping them to coordinate leaves and plan project resources more effectively.

Self-service online access allows employees to control PTO and Sick Days balances and monitor the status of their leave requests.

Employees can submit their leave time requests just in one click, specifying leave duration and type. If they end up not taking the leave, it can be cancelled. It is also possible to request leaves for the past dates, which is often required for sick leaves that are usually not planned ahead. Once the request is approved or rejected, the employee will receive a notification.

actiPLANS automates communication between employees and managers. There is no more need to send emails back and forth to get an approval for the requested leave time.

My Leave Time Requests

Manager Features

actiPLANS is a perfect alternative to tracking employees' leave time with a spreadsheet. It streamlines leave time management by simplifying approval process and updating employee's PTO and Sick Days balances.

The interactive dashboard gives managers a detailed overview of times off, sick leaves, vacations and other leaves in the company and allows assessing available resources.

actiPLANS provides a convenient way to join users into teams and assign a manager to approve their leave requests.

With several permission levels, it's possible to define user's role in the system and restrict access to sensitive information.

User List

Managers can approve, reject or delete requests in bulk in one click. They can also leave a comment for requests rejected in bulk.

Corporate Schedule

Managers can also process leave time requests one by one. In this case they can leave a comment both when approving and rejecting a request.

Corporate Schedule

Automated email notifications can be configured for managers. They contain all request details and are sent each time a leave is submitted for approval. This makes leave request management easy and hassle-free.

Leave Time History

Apart from planning future leaves and modifying leaves taken in the past, actiPLANS also allows viewing each user’s personal leave time history.

Managers can get a full picture of the leaves taken by any user in actiPLANS.

It’s possible to choose how far back the history should go, how many months need to be displayed and which leave types are to be shown. Once these parameters are configured, all the data is structured in a clear form of a calendar:

Leave Time History

The information can then be easily exported into a PDF or CSV file.

Balance History

With the My Balance History interface, the users will know exactly when their previous time-off was. It’s possible to choose the balance to be displayed and the date to see the balance value for.

Personal Leave Time History

Once the balance table is generated, you can export it into a PDF or CSV file fur further analysis.

actiPLANS is the right hand for managers when it comes to calculation of PTO & Sick Days Balances for their team.

The application helps to make the whole process of accruing and spending leave days clear and simple — with a number of automatic and manual rules, customizable interface and easy-to-read schedule.

Paid time off days can be used for such needs as vacation, personal or family illness, doctor appointments, and other activities of the employee's choice. You can also set up a separate Sick Days balance if this is a working practice in your company.

actiPLANS will help you reduce unscheduled absences and the need for supervisory oversight.


With a number of PTO & Sick Days accrual rules, it's possible to tailor actiPLANS to any company policy and business rules, as well as regulations and holidays. Enjoy the flexibility of our tool by setting up the frequency of accruals, scheduling resets and defining overdraw limits.


Manual correction will help to set hard value, increase or decrease employees' balances whenever you need.


Even if your company has unique PTO accrual rules, special coefficient setting for leave types will help you get accurate PTO calculation. With actiPLANS you can be sure that you will never overpay for earned leave time.

If an employee requested a leave but did not use it, the past leave can be deleted or modified. Past leaves can be requested, which is convenient for managing sick leaves that normally are not planned ahead. Current PTO or Sick Days balance will be recalculated after adding, modifying or deleting the leave.

Delete past leave

With the PTO & Sick Days History feature, you are able to track all changes applied to the balances. Under the 'Balance History' tab in the 'Reports' section, the user can see when and how much paid time-off is accrued or when a leave has been completed.


When the Sick Days Balance feature is turned on, you can track a record of your sick leaves in the 'Balance History' tab of the 'Reports' interface.


Managers will be able to see PTO and Sick Days history for every employee – in the 'Balance History' tab of the 'Reports' interface or right in the User List. All data can also be exported to CSV or PDF format for further analysis and statistics.

With the help of automated email notifications managers will know exactly when their assigned users request a leave.

You can modify the system settings according to your company’s needs and choose from a number of options:

  • Notify on new leave time requests
  • Notify on modified leave time requests
  • Notify on deleted leave time requests
  • Notify on leave time requests status changed

You can either choose some of these options or have all of them on. The system can also send reminders for the leave requests waiting for approval.

Email Notifications

... and Regular Users

Notificacations for Regular Users

With the help of convenient email notifications users will stay updated on the leave time approval process.

Choose a corresponding option, and the users will get notifications with comments (if any) when their leave request is approved or rejected. You can also notify users on new and deleted leave time requests.

with Configurable Message Parameters

actiPLANS allows you to modify message parameters and add prefix to the notifications subject field.

This will help email filtering, and messages on leave time requests will never get lost.

If you want to add more personalization to notification emails, simply enter a text in the message footer. The users will know exactly what the message is related to.

Massage Parameters

actiPLANS allows leave time managers to use submitted leave data for statistics and analysis. For that purpose, reporting functionality is provided.

Leave Time & Balances report is created in table and chart form and contains users’ data on taken leaves and resulting balances.


Personal leave & balance histories

Individual users’ histories of taken leaves and balance changes are also available in actiPLANS. Regular users can see their own histories, and managers are able to review other users’ data.



Both reports and personal leave & balance histories can be exported into PDF or CSV files for further processing and analysis.

actiPLANS, being meant for leave time planning for the future, offers smooth and seamless integration with actiTIME, a time-tracking tool, which is focused on recording working time expenses but also allows keeping track on leaves.

Integrated together, these two products become one powerful tool, covering almost all time management and leave scheduling needs.


Integrated products have a shared database which means you won't have to create user accounts, groups (departments and time zone groups) and leave types twice.

When you edit shared data in one product, changes will be immediately available in the second one.


Thanks to synchronization of user accounts, leave time approved in actiPLANS is automatically booked in actiTIME.

With integrated actiPLANS + actiTIME accounts, past leaves can be deleted and modified in actiTIME.

Leave data submitted in actiPLANS are used in actiTIME reports: Leave Time & Balances, Cost of Work, and Profit / Loss. You can also see leave time in Enter Time-Track and View Time-Track interfaces of actiTIME.

Leave Time Report

actiPLANS mobile is a FREE mobile application that helps you stay informed on the employees' presence in or absence from the office.

With the mobile app actiPLANS becomes even more powerful, letting you notify your colleagues if you are running late for work or leaving early. Since it works both on Android and iOS, it is easy to keep track of records on-the-go from any device.

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Leave Capture

With actiPLANS app you can submit a leave request or notify your colleagues on any changes in your schedule.

Simply choose a status, a leave type and time. That's it!

Leave Capture screenshots
Leave Control screenshots

Leave Control

actiPLANS shows in detail who is off today and when they will be back in the office helping you manage staff leave time in a handy way. Want to know when employees are going to be back in the office? Check the app to find the answer.

Absence Notes

After synchronizing the data from the mobile app with your account, mobile statuses will be displayed in the My Schedule interface as notes.

Absence Notes screenshots
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actiPLANS iPhone app requires iOS 7.0+.
Compatible with iPhone and iPod.
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actiPLANS Android app requires Android 4.0.3+.