actiPLANS: Proud Winner of FinancesOnline 2016
Employee Leave Scheduling Awards

Ever since we first released actiPLANS two years ago, our team has been working tirelessly at what we believe is our main objective: to make the entire leave scheduling process a simple and user-friendly experience for employees of all companies, big or small. And that is exactly what FinancesOnline, one of the leading software review platforms around, highlighted in their recent review of actiPLANS.

We’re extremely proud to have been presented with two FinancesOnline awards in the best employee scheduling software category: Great User Experience 2016 Award, as well as Rising Star 2016 Award.

awards 2016

In their review the experts at FinancesOnline recognize just how easy leave management can be when using actiPLANS. They especially praise how it presents the user with a centralized view of the entire company’s schedule, as well as its streamlined request and approval process: it takes just a couple of clicks to submit your leave request and have it approved with actiPLANS.

As delighted as we are to have received these prestigious awards, our work on constantly improving our product never stops! We’re committed to bringing you even more exciting new features in the coming months and building what we believe is already one of the best employee scheduling tools on the market.

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