actiPLANS User Guide

Leaves Management Interface

Leaves Management interface allows leave time managers to review and process leave requests of the assigned users. There are three interface views available:

  • Leave Time Planning chart – an interactive dashboard that allows manager to analyze and manage leave requests and absence notes in a calendar view.

  • Leave Time Requests table – a table with a list of leave requests that shows request details and allows leave time manager to process requests in a batch mode.

  • Leave Time History – interface view that shows approved leave time for the selected user for the past dates.

Leave Time Planning Chart

Leave Time Planning interface with tooltips

The chart contains data of leave requests and absence notes submitted by users. By default, the interface shows those users who are assigned to you. However, it is also possible to configure system settings so that the interface shows users assigned to other leave time managers and users whose leave requests are configured for automatic approval.

Access to leave time requests for leave request managers settings

Point the cursor over a request or absence note to see more information about it:

Corporate schedule chart tooltip

Click on a request or absence note to see available processing options:

Leave request processing

When support of user groups is turned ON in the system settings, you can filter users by departments, ...

Users filtering by department

... or search users by name:

Users search

To refine your search, enter more keywords:

User search

Leave Time Requests Table

The Leave Time Requests tab shows a list of leave requests with their parameters and allows processing leave requests in bulk. Select several leave requests to be processed at once using the checkboxes in their rows.

Leaves Management interface with tooltips

Once requests are selected, you can process them by clicking buttons above the table:

  • Approve button works immediately, without additional confirmation.
  • If you click on Reject or Delete button, the system will show you a confirmation panel:

Leave request bulk rejection

You can also process requests one-by-one – just click on the request status and select necessary option from a drop-down menu:

Leave request processing

To change requested type of leave, click on the leave type you want to change:

Leave request's type editing

To edit leave hours, click on the request dates:

Leave hours editing

See also section Overview of Major Features: Leave Request Management for more information on leave requests.

Leave Time History

Leave time history calendar and table

Here you can review history of approved leave time by users. It is modified when past leaves are added, deleted or modified:

  • Directly in actiPLANS, if your actiPLANS account is not integrated with actiTIME.

  • In actiTIME, if your actiPLANS account is integrated with actiTIME.

    Records corresponding to the leave time edited in actiTIME are marked as automatically approved, and approval date is set to the date of leave time editing.