Paid Time Off in the US:
Interactive Map

PTO accrual rules in the US are more heterogeneous than in many other countries. The reason is the lack of regulation by federal law: basically, it only provides generic requirements. That’s why, PTO and vacation packages depend on state regulations and to a significant extent on the specific company’s policies.

On this map, we’ve shown what PTO and vacation rules are applied in different states. Click on the state to see general data on time off accrual rules that apply there. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you can use it for reference to quickly find basic information on PTO rules in each specific state. Hope you find it helpful!


Time off policies sometimes differ significantly from state to state, but mainly they differ depending on the company’s internal regulations and specific employment contracts. To manage time off efficiently, consider adopting a special leave management tool and configure it according to your company’s rules and policies. Automate calculation of time off balances that are used in your company, and make sure the history of time off taken by the employees is traceable. This will save management efforts and help everyone get the most value of the time off benefits.


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