Free and truly
convenient mobile
attendance app
Track attendance and submit leave requests via phone.
  • Submit leave requests with just several taps on your smartphone’s screen.
  • Notify colleagues when you’re running late or planning to depart from work early.
  • Write comments to add the necessary details.
  • Easily see who is absent and for how long.
Getting started with
actiPLANS Mobile
Begin with a free trial
Our mobile attendance app works as an addition to your primary actiPLANS account. Thus, to make use of it, you need to sign up for a free trial or purchase a subscription first.
Download the app
After your actiPLANS account is activated, download the app, launch it and enter your unique account URL, username and password in the settings.
Enjoy mobile absence tracking
Once done, all the information on your team’s absences and attendance will be available right from your mobile device.
Keep team absence data at hand
with actiPLANS Mobile