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actiPLANS free PTO calculator actiPLANS free PTO calculator

When calculating PTO, you need to consider many variables: What are the PTO accrual rules in your organization? What is the PTO accrual rate, and is it any different for each group of employees? Are there any PTO limits? How many types of PTO does your company have? And the list goes on.

It may be relatively easy to take all that into account and calculate PTO without a specialized tool if your team is small. However, the accuracy and consistency of calculation results may suffer when your business is large enough.

A high-quality piece of software for leave management – actiPLANS – can do all the math for you without any risks to accuracy. Sign up for a free trial today to see actiPLANS at work.

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This simple PTO calculator can help you figure a PTO balance for either yourself or your team members. Here’s how it runs.
  1. Select how you want the balance to be displayed: in days or in hours.
  2. Define a preferred PTO accrual period and specify whether some days/hours have already been included in the balance at the beginning.
  3. Specify accrual rules:
    • Should the PTO balance be reset at a particular month a year?
    • Is PTO accrued weekly, monthly or annually in your company, and what is the starting point for this short-term accrual period?
    • Are there any PTO balance limits? How many PTO days/hours an employee may get per the overall accrual period at maximum?
  4. If you’ve made some adjustments to the PTO balance (i.e., added or deducted a few days/hours) or if you want to set up a fixed PTO value for a certain timeframe, you can do so in the final field on the calculator page. Just identify the start date and the type of modification applied, and the calculator will note this information when figuring the totals for you.
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