Streamline the entire absence management process. No more excessive emails to request a leave or approve it. No more Excel spreadsheets for tracking leaves.
Get the full picture of available resources, view the information about current and upcoming leaves and see who is in the office with the interactive absence chart.
Calculate and keep users' paid time off balances up-to-date with automated PTO accruals, balance resets and manual adjustments.

How does it work?

Send Request
Get Approval
Take Time Off
User requests time off in one click
at the desk or on-the-go.
Manager receives a notification with the leave request, then approves or rejects it.
User is notified about the manager's decision, approved leave appears on the shared chart.

What is more?

Integration with
actiTIME timesheet

Seamless integration with actiTIME timesheet software helps manage working time and control past and future leaves in a more efficient way.

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Free version
for small teams

Can absence management software be free? Sure, actiPLANS is totally free for teams of up to 5 users. Get your free full functional version here!

Informative Reports

Review and analyze leave time and balances data of your team with actiPLANS reporting. Group and filter data as you need to get a full picture of your colleagues’ absences.

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Paid Time Off Management

Apart from being a perfect absence management tool, actiPLANS can also handle paid time off and sick days balances. With a number of flexible accrual rules it’s possible to tailor actiPLANS to any company’s leave time policy.

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actiPLANS app for iPhone & Android

Inform your colleagues when you are running late or leaving early and check who is out of office from anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet. Eliminate distracting calls and emails.

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Join thousands of companies worldwide using actiPLANS
for absence management.