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Leave Management
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Activity Planning
Status Tracking
Event Scheduling
Streamlined leave management

Step up your absence management game with efficiency-boosting features: quick leave request approvals, automated PTO accrual, and insightful time off reports.

Learn more about leave management with actiPLANS.

Effortless shift allocation

Assign shifts to employees without a hassle, see if you’re properly staffed for any date of choice, keep everyone in the loop on when they have to work.

Learn more about shift scheduling with actiPLANS.

Visual activity planning

Build a straightforward timeline of project activities, distribute them across the team, and keep your deadlines under control.

Learn about resource planning with actiPLANS.

Accurate work status tracking

Managing a hybrid team or field workforce? Stay in the know of your employees’ whereabouts by monitoring their daily work statuses and locations.

Learn about work status management with actiPLANS.

Simple event scheduling

Employee training programs, team-building sessions, corporate parties, or product demonstrations – fix a date for any company event and indicate who’s to attend it.

Learn about event scheduling with actiPLANS.

Scheduling with
actiPLANS is a

Schedule employee shifts, leaves, locations and statuses in actiPLANS
Create the entities you want to
plan out
Schedule employee shifts, leaves, locations and statuses in actiPLANS Schedule employee shifts, leaves, locations and statuses in actiPLANS
actiPLANS visual timeline shows all employee work statuses
Allocate them across employees on the visual timeline
Get a clear picture of staff availability for simpler resource management
actiPLANS provides an overview of staff availability actiPLANS provides an overview of staff availability
If you strive for chaos‑free planning, actiPLANS is meant just for you! Thousands of the greatest managers already use it every day.
Resource planning in actiPLANS Resource planning in actiPLANS
Straightforward and easy to use
Everyone can easily see the schedules of other team members and plan their vacation time around it. The PTO report has also been a huge help to our folk at HR and Payroll.
Super easy to learn and adopt
One key advantage actiPLANS has over our old system is its simple UI and transparent layout, allowing us to see all leaves on a single screen.
Full visibility of remaining PTO is a real boon
Using actiPLANS has freed up a lot of time previously spent on manually updating spreadsheets, which the team can now use to work on more important tasks.
Great experience overall
The key advantage for us is an accurate count of vacation time that employees can actually see.
Deborah Rojas Architecture & Planning
Embrace flexible scheduling
today to stay sane tomorrow
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