Who Chooses actiPLANS?

No matter what type of business you’re in, actiPLANS is here to help you streamline work scheduling. Our platform seamlessly adjusts to your unique management requirements, ensuring a streamlined and tailored approach to work scheduling.
HR Managers
Manage time off requests and planned events in one place. Optimize your workforce to cut labour and overtime costs. Use manual or automated leave requests approval depending on your business needs.
Speed up work scheduling and streamline task distribution to improve resource utilization and increase revenue. Adjust your staffing strategy to exclude burnout and overtime.
Finance & Payroll
Set up the necessary review processes to respond quickly to PTO requests. Eliminate human error when calculating billable hours and payroll by integrating with actiTIME.
Staff Manager
Introduce a cloud-based employee scheduling software where your workers can view and pick available shifts, review their schedules, and submit PTO requests in a few clicks.
C-Level Executives
Find ways to improve employee well-being and promote healthy work-life balance. Monitor absence trends and employee schedule preferences to optimize your internal processes. Minimize your administrative workload and guarantee accuracy.
Small & Mid-size Teams
actiPLANS works for teams of any size with quick setup and onboarding, unlimited team member grouping.
Dispersed or Field Teams
Reduce expenses by predicting staff availability and assigning shifts based on location. Inform your colleagues in different locations about upcoming important dates.
Project Managers
Schedule everything  with actiPLANS just in a few clicks. Allocate tasks across your team and find employees for new projects in different locations in a few clicks. Collect accurate shift coverage data for better planning.
actiPLANS the #1 choice for thousands of teams
across different industries
Manage seasonal employment and find the perfect approach to managing your temporary employees. Easily deal with employee turnover.
Build a visual schedule of various project activities. See how different tasks and processes are distributed between employees.
Manage assigned shifts, time off requests, and planned events in one place. Optimize your workforce to cut labor and overtime costs while meeting patient demand with cost-effective shift scheduling software.
Efficiently manage client meetings by maintaining a detailed work schedule. Ensure that everyone is well-informed about their work commitments and schedules.
Keep employee locations in check – in any work environment. Allot work statuses and locations to employees on a simple visual timeline. Let employees plan out work statuses and locations on their own.
Design & Marketing
Utilize your resources and strengths in the best way possible. Establish clear processes and find a balance between preserving the creative spark while still implementing adequate work processes with actiPLANS.
Speed up consultants scheduling, automate leave management, and streamline task distribution to improve resource utilization and increase revenue.
Monitor attendance, distribute workload, and track human resources in terms of their responsibility, and productivity.
Save resources, streamline routine tasks, and make the most out of your hardworking team. Some options may even simplify the process of finding, organizing, and keeping track of workers.
actiPLANS keeps volunteer schedules well-organized and accessible. It includes self-service functionality to schedule activities, locations, and shifts by volunteers themselves. Plus, it features automated email notifications on recent schedule updates, which saves a ton of time on team communication.
Architecture & Engineering
Focus on better resource planning by checking insight into staff absence trends. Schedule workloads around employees’ planned leave time and deliver high-quality work that meets your clients’ needs.
Event Planning
Allocate your versatile events across the timeline. Never lose track of who’s going to attend them. Analyze how much time your company spends on each scheduled event.
Make sure you always have the resources you need to provide high-quality education to your students. Use the visual timeline to allocate work and leave types to your team. Run reports to analyze how employees use their time.
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