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work time with actiTIME

Time and attendance tracking with actiTIME integration
Get all benefits of time tracking with actiTIME integration

Integrate actiPLANS with actiTIME to make the best use of your team’s time:

  • Track hours via automatic one-click timers or manual-entry timesheets.
  • Create as many projects and tasks as you wish and track performance progress in a convenient way.
  • Keep an accurate record of billable time and build professional-looking invoices automatically.
  • Run money and time tracking reports to get a comprehensive picture of team performance.

Shared database, settings and user accounts for easy integration

Integrate attendance tracker with time tracking software
Activate your accounts in both work tracking solutions.
Click on Integration with actiTIME / actiPLANS in the integration settings.
Sync user accounts, leave types and other information between the two work tracking systems (explore how to do so here).
Schedule leave time in one of the tools, and the data will be added to the other automatically, in a split-instant.

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