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Did you know that employers covered by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are required to keep accurate records of hours worked by nonexempt employees?

Compliance is just one of the many important reasons to track employee attendance. Attendance tracking software can also minimize time theft, make remote working more efficient, and integrate with your payroll.

If you're new to an attendance tracking system that doesn't involve an old fashioned punch clock then the software can seem overwhelming and expensive. But there are plenty of free employee absence trackers that can help you get acquainted and also save you from making a big investment.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of attendance tracking and the top 5 programs to help you do exactly that.

1. actiPLANS

actiPLANS is a cloud-based leave management system that works for large and small businesses alike. It provides employees and managers access to the corporate work schedule, with a realtime look at who is and isn't on leave, upcoming leaves, and changes to the schedule. Not only does that allow for the creation of a work plan, but it minimizes the requests for leaves when leaves are not available.

The submit and approval process is easy and efficient. It minimizes paperwork as well as a back-and-forth between your team and your HR manager. It also tracks paid time off and sick days so that your payroll is always accurate.

Best of all, the free version has almost all of the functions you'll need to manage 1 to 3 employees.

2. Harvest

Harvest software has all of the basic functions you need from an attendance tracking system. It monitors attendance, absence, and tracks time on and offline.

For daily work or for projects, it can be used as a time clock where employees can start and stop task timers on a time card. Additional features allow you to record expenses, submit expenses for projects, track mileage, and open and close invoices.

Available as an app for both iPhone on Android, everything you enter gets synced to an online Harvest account. And when you're missing valuable information you need, you'll be able to send timely reminders to employees about submitting data.

3. WiFi Attendance

WiFi Attendance is a cloud-based tracking system that syncs with the WiFi in your office. That makes it a really convenient plug-in solution since most offices already have their own WiFi network.

Because it's linked to the WiFi in your office, it's accurate and it's capable of some unique functions. For example, it allows for live tracking that gives you the real-time location of any employee synced to the app and within the network range. Using that data, you can get an inside look at working hours and productivity.

It, of course, has the common features you'll need from attendance tracking software, too. Employees mark their attendance once within the WiFi range, and that feature stops them from being able to buddy punch.

4. TimeCamp

Set TimeCamp attendance tracking software up on Android, iPhone, or any other device that runs the iOS platform. It's great for projects because it's capable of tracking time according to specific projects. But it's flexible when it comes to changing entries manually when you need to make adjustments.

The free version of TimeCamp also allows for accurate reporting. Get reports on how long it takes to complete certain tasks, for example.

Other features include planning future events, marking time as billable or non-billable, and even GPS tracking for employees. The app also works offline and syncs with your online account every 15 minutes.

5. Virtual Attendance

For a very simple solution, Virtual Attendance is a great option. It's unlike the other software we've listed because it doesn't have extra features like live tracking or reporting.

Instead, it's just a simple app with an easy-to-understand user interface. The admin has QR codes for each employee, and that QR code is tracked from a device within the actual office.

The reason we listed this simple software is that it's affordable and a good way to get started integrating attendance tracking into your business. The free version works for up to 5 employees and 1 manager but, after that, the upgrade for unlimited employees and managers only costs $5 per month.

Limitations of Free Employee Absence Trackers

Keep in mind that free employee absence trackers have their limitations. For example, it's likely that the standard reports from a free version won't have all of the data that you need for your specific business.

For most free attendance tracking systems, you'll be limited by the number of users on your free account, including both managers and employees. And, as one might imagine, you don't get all of the features that the paid version of the software is capable of.

Free versions might offer some degree of user support. But it's likely to be less comprehensive than when you purchase the software. The idea is that when you've paid for a product, you're given more consideration and a tangible point of contact when problems do occur.

Get Started With an Attendance Tracking System Today

Thanks to free employee absence trackers, businesses large and small can move away from the punch clock and into the world of attendance software. This type of software helps you enforce attendance policies, improve payroll, and make your entire team more efficient when it comes to tracking projects and asking for leaves.

It's understandable that you'd like to try this software before making a big investment. When you're ready to get started, sign up for a free online trial with actiPLANS.


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