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Unusual ways to use actiPLANS
3 Unusual Ways of Using actiPLANS
actiPLANS is much more than a simple absence management software. It also works great as a universal booking tool where you can track availability of any items. Learn the 3 non-trivial ways of managing different activities with its help.
Best people management courses
10 Best People Management Courses
Is mastering people management essential for your role? Here’s a list of courses that provide theoretical and practical foundation for managers.
California vacation law
California Vacation Law: Employer’s Guide
It’s not uncommon that employers in California create leave policies that don’t comply with California vacation law. What are the main difficulties?
Positive environment
What is Positive Work Environment and How to Create One
We spend so much time at work that positive work environment is vital for us. What’s more, it fosters creativity, improves communication and collaboration, and eventually makes teams more productive. Learn more on how to achieve it!
Absence management guide
Absence Management Guide
How can be absence management procedure shaped to solve both short-term and long-term problems? How to connect it to the company’s goals and vision? See answers in our Absence Management Guide.
The differencies between PTO, vacation and sick leave
PTO, Vacation, Sick Leave: What’s the Difference?
Paid time-off and vacation – what is the difference between them? The question still tends to be confusing. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these absence types and how they are used.
Common reasons for calling in sick
Reasons for Calling In Sick
Most people are not comfortable talking about their health. And if you have a valid reason for calling in sick, can your manager ask for details?
How to choose a leave management system
How to Choose a Smart Leave Management Software?
Still tracking leaves in a spreadsheet? Consider moving to a special leave management software! Here’s some advice on how to choose a tool that will streamline leave requesting and approval process and save your valuable time.
How to choose a vacation calendar
Choosing a Smart Vacation Calendar for Your Business
Summer is the time when absence management requires special attention and takes more time than usually. How to find a clear and uncluttered vacation calendar that would simplify leave management process and save managers’ time? See our tips!
Unusual leave types
Paid Time-Off For Protests
Taking a paid leave for participating in a demonstration? That’s what some Silicon Valley companies are offering to their employees. Let’s take a look at our leave time statistics to figure out other uncommon leave types companies are tracking today.
Vacation accrual rules
Common Practices of Vacation Accrual Rules
How to set up vacation accrual rules? Take a look at the common practices in accruing leave balances and automating leave time calculation.
Time off request
Three Most Popular Approaches to Time Off Request
Requesting time off is something most of us have done at some point or another, so we all know how utterly frustrating that process can be. But it doesn’t have to!