Scheduling software to empower your consulting team

Speed up consultants scheduling, automate leave management, and streamline task distribution to improve resource utilization and increase revenue.
Boost Employee Productivity
Optimize your workforce to save time, cut costs, and promote business growth
Get a bird’s eye view of your consultants’ schedules on a visual team board.
Find consultants for new projects in different locations in a few clicks.
Choose perfect slots for group sessions with ease.
less time spent on scheduling
Allocate tasks between team members based on their availability and preferences.
Adjust your staffing strategy to exclude burnout and overtime.
Use manual or automated leave requests approval depending on your business needs.
reduction in overtime costs
Get notified about your staff schedule changes and PTO requests via email.
Automatically update consultants on their request status.
Inform your colleagues in different locations about upcoming bank holidays.
increase in employee satisfaction
Eliminate Scheduling Routine
Introduce automation and employee self-service to free valuable time for your clients
Calendar management
Introduce a cloud-based software for team scheduling, allowing workers to easily set their availability and preferences and quickly change their schedules.
Employee management
Efficiently respond to schedule changes and PTO requests from your consultants. Avoid human errors in billable hours and payroll calculations by seamlessly integrating with  actiTIME.
Monitor absence rates, PTO balances, and other metrics to prevent employee burnout, ensure proper staffing levels, and assign patients to caregivers based on location.
Streamline scheduling and track employee billable hours by integrating actiPLANS with employee personal calendars and actiTIME.
Mobile app
Access your and your team members' schedules on the go with a mobile app. Stay connected no matter where you are.
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