Focus on patient care, not employee scheduling routine!

Manage assigned shifts, time off requests, and planned events in one place. Optimize your workforce to cut labor and overtime costs while meeting patient demand with cost-effective shift scheduling software.
Healthcare Staff Scheduling On the Go
Build flexible schedules and communicate them to your staff in a few clicks to deliver care and expertise when and where needed
Keep track of your employees availability and presence across multiple locations.
Assign shifts and fill staffing gaps quickly and easily.
Send and receive instant notifications on all schedule changes.
overtime costs reduction
Reduce overtime by limiting the employee’s schedulable hours.
Ensure compliance with local time off regulations by tracking real-time PTO balances.
Keep the information about your company and staff at our secure data centers.
increase in shift coverage
Collect accurate shift coverage data for better planning.
Find ways to improve employee well-being and promote healthy work-life balance.
Monitor absence trends and employee schedule preferences to optimize your internal processes.
increase in employee satisfaction
Uncover New Opportunities to Increase Staff Retention and Patient Satisfaction
Make claiming available shifts, changing schedules, and submitting leave requests a breeze
Introduce self-service
Introduce a cloud-based employee scheduling software where your workers can view and pick available shifts, review their schedules, and submit PTO requests in a few clicks.
Leverage automation
Set up the necessary review processes to respond quickly to shift claims and PTO requests. Eliminate human error when calculating billable hours and payroll by integrating with actiTIME.
Optimize labor costs
Reduce expenses by predicting staff availability and assigning patient caregivers based on location.
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