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Our HR Pack is designed to equip your team with the essential tools to manage various aspects of employee relations seamlessly.
Employee Handbook
Streamline communication and provide a reference point for a harmonious work environment.
Excel Scheduling
Organize and manage employee schedules with our user-friendly template. Optimize workforce planning and reduce scheduling conflicts.
Excel Vacation Tracker
Simplify and automate the tracking of employee vacations. Monitor leave balances, plan for coverage, and ensure a smooth workflow during staff absences.
Holiday Planner
Efficiently plan and manage holidays for your team. Coordinate time off, ensure adequate staffing, and maintain a balanced workload during holiday seasons.
Project Resource
Schedule Template
Optimize resource allocation for projects with our Resource Schedule Template. Ensure that your projects have the right resources at the right time.
Project Schedule Template
Clearly outline tasks, deadlines, and milestones to keep your projects on track and within scope with our free template.
Project Timeline Template
Visualize project timelines for effective planning and communication. Simplify the complexity of task tracking.
PTO Policy Template
Establish a clear Paid Time Off (PTO) policy to guide employees and management. Define accrual rates and approval processes.
Remote Work Policy
Outline expectations, communication protocols, and remote work guidelines for your team with our template.
Resource Planning Template
Optimize your resource planning with this template. Efficiently allocate resources and ensure that your projects have the necessary support for success.
Time Off
Request Form
Standardize the time-off request process with our user-friendly form. Simplify communication between employees and HR.
Ensure a  thorough process for employee terminations. Our checklist covers essential steps to facilitate an exit and mitigate potential risks.
Employee Satisfaction
Gather valuable insights about your employees' satisfaction level. Identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall employee experience within your company.
Interview Invitation
Streamline your hiring process with a professional and effective interview invitation email template. Make a positive first impression on potential candidates and set the tone for a successful hiring process.
New Hire
Welcome new employees seamlessly with our comprehensive checklist. Ensure that all necessary onboarding steps are completed.
Leave of Absence
Streamline the process for requesting leaves with our leave of absence letter.
Questionnaire Form
Standardize your interview process with a structured questionnaire. Ensure that all relevant information is collected consistently from candidates.
HR Budget
Efficiently manage your human resources financial planning with our HR Budget Template. Outline, organize, and track HR-related expenses.
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