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More About Templates Included
Our templates pack is designed to equip your team with the essential tools to manage employee leaves and plan schedules
Employee Attendance
Policy Template
Ensure punctuality and attendance consistency with our template. Define clear guidelines to promote reliability among your workforce.
Excel Scheduling
Organize and manage employee schedules with our user-friendly template. Optimize workforce planning and reduce scheduling conflicts.
Excel Vacation Tracker
Simplify and automate the tracking of employee vacations. Monitor leave balances, plan for coverage, and ensure a smooth workflow during staff absences.
Holiday Planner
Efficiently plan and manage holidays for your team. Coordinate time off, ensure adequate staffing, and maintain a balanced workload during holiday seasons.
PTO Policy Template
Establish a clear Paid Time Off (PTO) policy to guide employees and management. Define accrual rates and approval processes.
Project Resource
Schedule Template
Optimize resource allocation for projects with our Resource Schedule Template. Ensure that your projects have the right resources at the right time.
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Leave management and planning templates
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Leave management and planning templates
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