Leave Request Management

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leave request management

Leave Request Submission

Gone are the days of endless email strings and heaps of written forms that need to be signed by twelve different people. With actiPLANS the process of leave request management becomes all but trivial. All it takes to for a user to submit a leave request is just select a date, then the type of leave they’d like to take and click submit.

Request Approval

User in charge of approving requests will receive an instant email notification informing them of the new request. Upon reviewing it they’ll have a choice to approve, modify or reject it. Regardless of their decision, the user will be automatically notified on any changes to the status of their request.

request and approve leave time

Corporate Schedule Overview

An easy-to-read chart with information on your team’s requested and approved absences will help you plan and distribute workload among your staff more efficiently, while avoiding any potential clashes in their schedules.

leave time schedule