Top 10 PTO Tracking Software
for Businesses in 2020

Paid time off is a standard policy in organizations that accounts for several hours or days, where employees can take days off for any reason. Calculating paid time off for many employees can be tedious for managers in organizations with hundreds of employees. PTOs involving annual vacation days and paid sick leave are difficult to calculate manually. Sometimes, it can also be confusing for managers who are inexperienced in calculating entitlements or creating schedules.

PTO tracking software can save you the trouble of manually calculating paid time-off and fully automate your employee attendance management system. Before we list our top 10 PTO tracking software for your business in 2020, we will describe how a paid time off tracker works.

What is PTO tracking software

PTO trackers, or Paid Time-Off tracking software, are automated leave management systems for scheduling and approving employees paid leave requests. Paid Time-Off trackers are essential to every organization’s employee attendance management process.

How PTO tracking software works

Paid time-off tracking software allows managers to approve and review holidays and paid leave entitlements. PTO trackers also automatically calculate all leave benefits owed to employees. Most PTO systems provide features that allow HR managers to create custom leave policies, and in the process, help the company’s leave management system function more smoothly.

Best Paid Time-Off Management Software

Let’s take a closer look at the top ten PTO tracking Software or employee attendance tracking software in 2020.

1. actiPLANS

actiPLANS is a leave management system that enables employees to request time off and get approval from their management seamlessly. actiPLANS also allows users to review which employees are absent at work in real-time and why they are absent. actiPLANS also automatically keeps users’ Paid Time Off and Sick Days balances up-to-date.


  • Leave Request Management
  • Automate Paid Time Off Accrual
  • Reports on Leave Time
  • Time & Leave Tracking Integrated with actiTIME
  • Mobile Attendance Tracker

2. Quinyx

Quinyx is a PTO tracking software that provides fully-integrated attendance tracking, by allowing employees to punch in and out of work directly using their mobile phone. Quinyx helps you measure, track, and even predict employee absence. Using a system integrated with scheduling, time reporting, and payroll, Quinyx significantly reduces the margin for error in PTO calculations.


  • Absence Management
  • Mobile & Web Time Clock
  • Time Report & Payroll
  • Vacation & Leave Management

3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a paid time off & attendance tracking software created mainly for small and medium-sized businesses. Bitrix24 provides optional clock in and clock out for employees. Managers can also use Bitrix24 for scheduling shifts, allowing employees to work remotely.


  • Employee Time and Attendance Tracking
  • Flexible workday settings
  • Time off requests & management
  • Employee Engagement Tools
  • API & open source code access


TIMEOFF.GURU helps managers save time and minimize errors when reviewing, approving, and tracking every leave, vacation, and other paid time off in their organizations. TIMEOFF.GURU allows employees to request a leave and receive approval notification, while the HR, Finance and Payroll departments can check the status of all time-off requests.


  • Customized attendance management
  • Team calendar management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Multiple Languages
  • Full Overview of paid time off details in the organization

5. All Hours

All Hours is a cloud-based PTO and absence management system designed for small and medium-sized businesses. All Hours enables you to track employee hours, automate your timesheets, and accurate payroll — keeping overtime in check.


  • Timesheets Management
  • Smart Clocking built for employees
  • Vacation & Leave Management
  • Realtime Employee Attendance Management
  • Work Time Rules

6. iFlow

iFlow is a PTO tracker that offers employees’ self-service with iFlow profiles for every employee. With iFlow, you can easily manage your employees’ PTO requests and their working hours from any device and location. iFlow offers flexible employee scheduling, including custom shifts, and an annual work schedule. This Paid Time-Off software also features real-time attendance tracking, allowing your employees to clock in and out from remote devices.


  • Real-time access to paid leave requests
  • Integration with iFlow API Key
  • Web and Mobile Time Tracking
  • Paid Leave Reports
  • Timesheet management

7. Day Off - Leave Tracker

Day Off is a lightweight PTO application for tracking employees’ leave and vacation. In Day Off, employees can request an absence for any reason, including public holidays and weekends. Managers can get notifications on their employees’ leave balance and vacation history while approving or rejecting new requests. Day Off’s interactive dashboard allows HR managers to configure system data to suit company’s policy.


  • Customize your Company’s Settings
  • Manage Leave Requests
  • Send Leave Requests
  • Balance and Official Holidays

8. eTime

eTime is a freemium employee attendance tracking software for recording paid time off requests. In eTime, employees can request paid time off requests easily, and managers can see exact information about which employees are currently at work. eTime is compatible with most HR systems and with EcosAgile cloud service.


  • Calendar Management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • FMLA Tracking
  • Overtime Calculation
  • Time Tracking

9. Finclock EMS

Finclock EMS is an attendance management software for marking attendance, making task reports, and requesting paid time off. Finclock EMS works both online and offline, making it ideal for small and remote businesses. With this software, managers can review analyzed data for direct decision making, with attendance reports, location tracking, and employee performance reports.


  • Attendance Management (biometric & FinClock mobile app)
  • Timesheet processing
  • Payroll Processing based on hours worked
  • Leave & Vacation Management
  • Task and Work reports using the Finclock mobile app

10. TrackTime24

With TrackTime24, your Smartphone or Tablet becomes a contactless Time Clock. TrackTime24 allows you to monitor your employees’ Check-Ins and Check-Outs, as well as their work hours, including breaks and overtime. This attendance management software allows managers to create and notify their employees about new work schedules, and automatically manage their vacations and other paid time off requests.


  • Employee work time tracking
  • Employee scheduling
  • Online leave management
  • Business travel management

Three reasons Why your business needs PTO tracking software

We will further explain three reasons why every organization must consider employing PTO trackers.

1. Boosting Productivity:

PTO trackers increase productivity in the workplace because both employees and management will spend less time requesting, reviewing, and approving paid time off. Managers will also spend less time on calculating PTO accruals. With PTO tracking software automatically handling attendance/absence processes, every member of the organization can focus and work on more critical tasks.

2. Saving Costs:

The amount of money a company spends on manually managing leave requests and other attendance issues, outweighs the cost of procuring paid time-off tracking systems. Using PTO tracking software also cuts labor costs by significantly reducing the number of employees required to handle leave and payroll processes.

3. Transparency:

Employee management becomes transparent when managers can review all PTO requests on a platform that enables integration with other HR software. Given that employee PTO balance, timesheets, accruals, and payroll are available on one central platform. Companies do not have to worry about errors and delays common with manual processing.


There are lots of paid time off tracking software on the market today, and it is essential that you pick the software that perfectly suits your company’s needs. Whether you prefer a flexible PTO management software, or a more rigid system with no room for customization, but good value for money, our guide on the top 10 PTO tracking software for businesses will influence your decision.


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