Time & Leave Tracking Integrated in actiPLANSSee how you can benefit from using actiPLANS

timesheet software integration
tools integration

actiPLANS is designed to integrate seamlessly with our time-tracking tool actiTIME, providing you with an abundance of additional time management functionality. Using both products will give you a powerful feature-rich tool that is pretty much guaranteed to satisfy all your time and absence management needs.

With actiTIME you’ll get access to:

timesheet software

Extensive time-tracking features with comments, overtime calculation, and timesheet approvals.

time reports

A variety of insightful flexible reports and colorful charts to visualize your progress and make decisions.


Billing and accounting functionality for easier payroll calculation, integration with QuickBooks and invoicing.

...and so much more

When integrated

the two applications share the same database, general settings, and user accounts, so you’ll be able to set things up and get started in no time.

timesheet software integration