Calculate Paid Time Off AutomaticallySee how you can benefit from using actiPLANS

paid time off calculation management

Custom Accrual Rules

Using bulky spreadsheets to keep up with everyone’s balances becomes a thing of the past with actiPLANS. Thanks to a variety of available options, you can set up all kinds of automatic accrual rules that cover the entire staff or individual employees and conform to any policies or regulations.

Leave Time Balance Control

For more direct control on top of the automatic calculation, our software allows you to modify balances manually. The application keeps track of any changes in the users’ balances, and you can review the history and export it to pdf if necessary.

sick days balance

Sick Days

If your company processes medical leaves separately from other leave types, actiPLANS allows you to set up an additional Sick Days balance to help you further reduce any unscheduled absences.