actiPLANS mobile app

Mobile application for keeping track of staff absence on the smartphone

How can you benefit from using actiPLANS app?

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actiPLANS app is a free mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

With the app you can inform your colleagues when you are running late for work or check who is out of office today from anywhere.

Main Features

When it comes to team work, it is always vital to know when your colleagues are in the office but it is even more important to let your team know, for planning purposes, when you yourself are going to be absent. actiPLANS mobile app can help you with both.

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Leave Capture: let your team know you are absent

If you are coming later or leaving earlier, submit a leave and inform your team on any changes in your schedule on-the-go right from your smartphone. Eliminate excessive calls and emails.

Leave Control: always know who is off

With actiPLANS app you can always check who is off today and when they are back in the office. Control staff leave from anywhere in a handy way.

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actiPLANS iPhone app requires iOS 7.0+.
Compatible with iPhone and iPod.
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actiPLANS Android app requires Android 4.0.3+.

Getting Started

To use actiPLANS app on iPhone you should have an active user account. Android users will be also able to set up online trial account right from the app.