actiPLANSStaff Absence Reports

actiPLANS allows creating absence reports that show statistics of leave time spent by the employees or the employees’ leave balances. This can be done in the Reports section.

Leave Time & Balances report is available both in table and chart form. Click on the View Chart option to show or collapse the chart view.

Leave Time and Balances Report

You can configure the chart to show either leave time or any of the balances. Select this option in the chart header.

Leave Time and Balances Report

Leave time managers can also see past leaves and balance history data of specific users in the Reports section and export this data into a PDF document.

Please note that full reporting functionality is only available for managers with the Requests and Leave Balances permissions. Users without these permissions are only able to see their own past leaves calendar and balance history list in the Reports section. Users with only Requests permission only see their assigned users' leave balances.

My Past Leaves Calendar

You can export reports in PDF format. For Leave Time & Balances report, CSV export format is also available.

Preview Export PDF