actiPLANS User Guide

My Schedule Interface

My Schedule interface allows you to create new and review your existing leave requests, as well as to review work schedule of your colleagues.

Schedule of Colleagues interface

Top part of My Schedule interface shows your existing leave requests and allows you to submit new requests.

My schedules tooltips

If you position cursor over a request, you will see more information about it:

Vacation request

If you position cursor over a date without a leave request, you will see info on the selected date and your PTO balance calculated for it:

Bottom part of the My Schedule interface shows your leave requests arranged in a table, your PTO & Sick Days Balance History, or a chart showing information on work schedule of your colleagues.

  • Chart with schedule of your colleagues shows their working and nonworking days as well as their leaves. So on one hand, you can get information on availability of your co-workers, and on the other, you can coordinate your leave requests with theirs.

    System settings allow you to configure which users will be shown in the Schedule of Colleagues chart - all users, users from the same group, or no one.

  • Table with your leave requests shows requests for present and future dates.

    My Requests interface with tooltips

    If you have rejected requests, they will be shown in the table, but will not be shown in the chart at the top part of the interface. Rejected requests are shown in the table for your information only. It is safe to delete them.

    Past leave requests are hidden from the 'Requests' interface. You can review these requests in the 'Leave Time History' interface. Also you can edit leave time recorded for the past dates in actiTIME, when actiPLANS is integrated with it.

  • Your Leave Time History shows approved leave time for past dates. It is modified when past leaves are edited or deleted:

    • in actiPLANS, if the account is not integrated with actiTIME

    • in actiTIME, if your actiPLANS account is integrated with actiTIME

    My Leave Time History interface

    Leave time records edited in actiTIME are marked as automatically approved in the Leave Time History, and approval date is set to the date of leave time editing.

  • PTO Balance History and Sick Days Balance History tabs show all changes applied to your PTO & Sick Days balance. Here you can see when paid time-off was accrued, how your leave requests affected the PTO or the Sick Days balance, and which PTO or Sick Days corrections were made by managers.

    PTO balance history with tooltips

    The changes are listed in the reverse chronological order.

    After requesting, modifying or deleting a past leave, your current PTO or Sick Days balance is corrected according to the modifications made to the leave. Balance changes are shown if the modification is not approved yet.

    Requests past leaves

Creating a New Request

To create a new request, select a date range in the chart ...

Leave time period selection

... and enter the request details:

Leave request pop-up with tooltips

If a future leave request affects your PTO or Sick Days balance, you are able to preview the affected balance before and after the request.

If a change to a past leave request affects your PTO or Sick Days balance, you are able to see how it changes your current balance in the Schedule and Requests tabs before the leave is approved.

Leave request tooltip

Please note that you cannot submit any leave requests before your hire date.

Editing Leave Requests

To start editing a request, click on the bar with the request in the ‘Schedule’ tab...

Leave request editing

...or select the ‘Requests’ tab and change request parameters in the table:

Leave request editing

In independent actiPLANS accounts that are not integrated with actiTIME, past leaves are requested, edited and deleted directly in the My Schedule interface. Past leave modifications requested by users who are assigned to leave time approvers require an approval if they affect user’s current PTO or Sick Days balance.

Past leave modification that requires manager’s approval is marked with a hatched background. Leaves waiting for deletion approval have a red border. User cannot delete the request until manager approves it. This modification request can only be cancelled.

Following past leave modifications require manager’s approval:

  • Submitting or deleting a leave that affects any balance;

  • Changing hours or days for a leave that affects any balance;

  • For an existing leave request that affects any of the balances, selecting a leave type that affects other balance or doesn’t affect any balance.

past leave modification

The user receives a notification when the past leave modification is approved or rejected.

Past leave modifications that don’t affect any balance don’t require approval and the user can delete them. They are marked with a solid background.

Following past leave modifications require manager’s approval:

  • Submitting or deleting a leave that doesn’t affect any balance;

  • Selecting a leave type that affects the same balance;

  • Adding a comment to a leave

Past leave studies

These leave requests are accepted automatically with an email notification.

If you have an integrated actiPLANS + actiTIME account, past leave requests can be edited in actiTIME only.

See more details on editing leave request parameters in section Overview of Major Features: Leave Request Management.