actiPLANSGeneral Absence Management Settings in actiPLANS

To modify absence management settings, click on icon located at the top of the interface and choose settings group you want to modify:

User Groups

When user groups feature is turned on, you can filter and group users by departments in the system interfaces:

When user groups feature is turned off, filter by departments is hidden, and users are sorted by their names:

By default, user groups are named 'Departments'. You can change this default name and use one of the pre-configured names, or enter a custom name:

User groups naming

Time Zone & Calendar Settings

Time Zone & Calendar settings allow you to configure starting day of the week and default time zone group. The start day of the week is used for visualization of week boundaries in charts displaying personal and corporate schedules. The default time zone group is applied to new users added to the absence management system.

Calendar settings

Corporate Work Schedule

Corporate work schedule configured in the system settings is used as the default work schedule for the system users. When you edit corporate work schedule here, the system will change the schedule settings of all users who are configured to use the default schedule.

Corporate Work Schedule settings

Default workday duration configured in the system settings along with the default work schedule is used for

  • Conversion of PTO & Sick Days time from hours to days
  • Non-standard workings days configured in the corporate schedule

PTO & Sick Days Settings

PTO & Sick Days settings configured here allow you to specify the default PTO and Sick Days accrual rules for system users in the absence management system, and define how to display the values of PTO and Sick Days balances in the system interfaces.

PTO settings
Sick Days settings

Access to Personal Work Schedules

These settings define whether regular users can see work schedule of their colleagues in the My Schedule interface:

Access to Personal Work Schedule interface

Modification of Past Leave Requests

If your actiPLANS account is not integrated with actiTIME, past leaves can be modified directly in actiPLANS. To enable this feature, select the ‘Allow users to edit and delete their past leaves’ option in the ‘Access to Leave Time Requests’ section.

Access to Personal Work Schedule interface

In integrated actiPLANS + actiTIME accounts, past leaves can be deleted or modified in actiTIME only.

Access to Leave Time Requests of Unassigned Users

These settings define whether leave time manager can see and manage leave requests of unassigned users in the Leaves Management interfaces:

By default, leave time manager can see and process leave requests submitted by assigned users only. However, you can configure absence management settings, so that the leave time manager will also see requests from other users - those who are configured for automatic approval and those who are approved by other managers.

Processing Non-Approved Leave Requests on the First Leave Day

This option allows configuring how non-approved leave requests should be processed on the first day of the requested leave: automatically approved or automatically rejected. Select the necessary option in the ‘Access to Leave Time Requests’ section.

Processing Non-Approved Leave Requests on the First Leave Day

Number Formats

Here you can configure actiPLANS to display numbers in the format matching your regional standards:

Number formats interface