actiPLANSConfiguring Custom Leave Types in actiPLANS

To open the interface for editing leave types, click on icon located at the top of the interface and choose 'Leave Types' option:

You will see the interface listing all leave types registered in the system:

Leave Types interface

All leave type parameters can be edited directly in the leave type list:

  • Order: leave types are shown in the system interfaces in the same order as configured here

  • Icon: you can choose from 20 pre-defined icons. Each icon has a color associated with it.

  • Name: click on the leave type name to edit it, then confirm or discard changes

Leave Types icons

    The name of the leave type should be unique among the registered leave types. The check for uniqueness is case-insensitive; this means that leave types 'Vacations' and 'vacations' will be considered as the same.

  • Affected balance: you can configure each leave type to be subtracted from PTO balance, Sick Days balance or none. If the leave type is subtracted from the PTO balance, you can set up a coefficient to be applied to the requested time.

  • It is convenient to set the coefficient to 1.2, if your PTO accrual policy implies accrual of 24 days per year, counting working days & Saturdays.

    To learn more about PTO coefficient, see PTO & Sick Days Balance and Leave Requests (Spending PTO & Sick Days Time) section of this user guide.

  • Status: you can archive leave types instead of deleting them.