The Most Unusual
Vacation Destinations In 2019

Have you planned your vacation for 2019 yet? If not, it’s time to find the perfect destination for an unforgettable trip! And if European capitals or South-East Asian beaches sound a bit run-of-the-mill to you, plan for something totally different. We’ve listed some out-of-the-box places and directions – use our list for inspiration or as a direct guidance!

Unusual places to stay

Even on a vacation, we spend a lot of time indoors, so choosing an unusual accommodation is a great way to make your vacation adventurous. If a regular hotel or an AirBnB apartment are too boring for you, think of different places to stay. This especially applies to families with children – they’ll be definitely impressed!

727 Fuselage Home, Costa Rica

Stepping off the plane and feeling the warm sun and ocean breeze is something we anticipate before departure, so why not experience it every day of your vacation? A retrofitted vintage Boeing 727 located right on the edge of the national park of Costa Verde area is a suitable choice! In it, you’ll enjoy scenic views of the ocean and the jungle, combined with convenience, luxury, and meticulously selected details.

A hotel in a vintage Boeing 727

The Boot Bed’n’Breakfast, New Zealand

A giant boot guesthouse has been attracting tourists since 2001: its eccentric design and ingenious architecture make it an unusual and romantic hideaway, and its location allows to explore the Tasman region: beaches, national park, wineries, galleries, and more. This is a comfortable and quiet place, carefully planned for an unforgettable vacation.

The Boot Bed’n’Breakfast in New Zealand

Desert Nomad House, Arizona, US

Do you use your vacation to switch off from too much communicating? There’s a place for you then: the Desert Nomad House in Arizona is built for enjoying the serenity of nature. It is located miles away from the hectic urban environment, so that the inhabitants can disconnect from daily hassle and reclaim calmness and tranquility. You can even work there – but is that a good way to spend the vacation time?

Desert Nomad House in Arizona, US

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Are southern skies not for you? If you’re not afraid of cold and are planning a Scandinavian vacation, think of staying in the Ice Hotel in the village of Jukkasjarvi, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. It’s built from ice and snow, but you can enjoy it 365 days a year. The hotel has luxury suites and art spaces and offers visitors an unforgettable experience of comfort and life-enriching moments.

Ice Hotel in Sweden

Alcatraz Hotel, Germany

Well, we said unusual lodgings are great for family vacations, but it’s probably not quite always true. Alcatraz Hotel, being basically the renovated former German prison, offers an outrageous experience of being locked down. Its amenities include barred window, a toilet in the corner of the room, and breakfast served through a steel door slot. And the best thing: you don’t even need to break the law to enjoy all of this!

Alcatraz Hotel in Germany

Creepy locations

Is enjoying beautiful views and comfy rooms not for you? Are you one of those who don’t imagine a good adventure without tickling the nerves? Then here’s a list of the creepiest locations for you! And make sure to skip it if you’re faint-hearted.

The Poison Garden, England

The beautiful and deadly part of the Alnwick Garden in Northumberland, the Poison Garden has been attracting the bravest tourists since 2005, when Jane Percy, the duchess of Northumberland, started collecting poisonous plants. Every plant can tell a good story: mostly, they are ubiquitous and people don’t know they are lethal. And, as most of them are highly toxic, the visitors are prohibited to taste, touch, and even smell any of the plants.

The Poison Garden in England

Island of the dolls, Mexico

A small island with a sad story of a drowned girl and the dolls, severed and decapitated, inhabited by the poor girl’s lost soul, was never intended to be a tourist destination, as locals say. The creepiness of this place makes visitors exaggerate, claiming they saw the dolls move their limbs and blink their eyes; some even heard the dolls whisper to each other. Whether the legend is true or not, this place is full of dark mystery and unresolved questions that attract people from all around the world.

The Island of dolls in Mexico

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

The historical fortress that keeps the memory of glorious and tragic events is today one of the most visited places in Scotland. However, not everyone dares to stay there: the castle is considered to be a haunted place. Its visitors keep reporting paranormal activities – especially in the castle’s prison cells that were allegedly used as quarantine premises for plague victims.

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland

The Catacombs, Paris

Paris is such a romantic place! Well, unless you choose to visit the Catacombs – the subterranean tunnels that were used as a municipal ossuary during the XVIII – XIX centuries due to major public health problems. The tunnels are said to spread out for over 200 miles, being incredibly hard to navigate. Today, 1.500 meters at a 2-meter depth are open for tourists.

The Paris Catacombs

Unusual activities

If swimming and sunbathing is old news, if you’re not all that excited about sightseeing, then it’s time to find the most thrilling way to spend your vacation. The only thing to remember is to only engage in extreme activities with experienced guides and instructors. Be responsible, and remember you’ll need to get back to work after your adventures!

Crocodile cage diving in South Africa

Crocodiles are scary enough even when you’re watching them from afar, but how about a closer contact? Crocodile cage divers see these dreadful predators in their habitat from the shortest distance, watch crocodile handlers feed them, and observe the prehistoric features of these amazing reptiles. Prepare for a massive adrenaline rush!

Northern lights photography in Iceland

Aurora borealis, also known as the Northern lights, is a unique phenomenon. The majority of the Earth’s population never had a chance to watch live. Good news is that there are tours where you can marvel at the glaciated Northern landscape, enjoy the mountain scenery, and photograph the mesmerizing lights in the sky. Don’t miss this magical experience if you never visited the North before!

Parahawking in Spain

If you’ve already experienced paragliding and now want to combine it with something special, a parahawking flight might be a great vacation plan for you. Parahawking is a combination of tandem paragliding and interacting with a trained vulture or a hawk in its natural environment. It’s not only an unforgettable experience, but also a way to educate on vulture conservation and protection of these birds of prey from extinction. Is it on your bucket list yet?

Horseback riding tour, Mongolia

Mongolia is not listed among the most popular tourist destinations, but it offers an unforgettable experience of horse riding and enjoying the beauty of the nature. Explore the Central Asia on horseback – just like nomads did for centuries. Choose the path where you can see all types of landscape: mountains, steppe, deserts, pastures – explore the wilderness and get more familiar with the nomad lifestyle.


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