The Best Attendance
Tracker Apps in 2019

Efficiently managing employees’ attendance is an integral part of team management, HR procedures, and work planning. This includes staying updated on team members’ current absences, planning schedules for future dates, and handling absenteeism. Special attendance tracker apps are of great help in this challenging task.

Attendance management procedures largely depend on the company’s internal procedures, work specifics, and common practices in specific industry or field. That’s why choosing the right software solution is crucial for implementing an effortless process. In this article, we’ve collected the best apps for attendance monitoring and management.

1. actiPLANS

actiPLANS is a friendly and robust system for attendance tracking and absence management. It allows managers and business owners to streamline leave management, automate time-off balance calculations, and simplify work planning.

The system includes a web application that runs on a cloud server and is accessible from web browsers, and a lightweight mobile app that works on Android and iOS devices and allows employees to request leaves and inform coworkers on last-minute schedule changes on the go.

The tool includes a reporting module that provides managers and employees with conveniently grouped data on past and planned absences, leave balance figures, and leaves taken within a specific date range in a calendar view. It also seamlessly integrates with actiTIME work management system and allows to manage absences on the team more efficiently.

2. My Work Clock

My Work Clock is a simple punch-in and –out Android app for keeping record of work time. To simplify the punch-in and –out procedure, the app has a home screen widget that allows to record start and stop times and shows time spent on work for the current day. The app supports overtime and multiple jobs for more detailed records.

The app allows to run reports for work time data collected during the day, week, or month. The data can be exported from the app into CSV for further analysis in other software tools. For more detailed attendance tracking, the app synchronizes with the calendar and adds records to it.

3. Wi-Fi Attendance

An attendance monitoring system based on Wi-Fi connectivity. It uses office Wi-Fi router devices to keep the employees in the network. This way, employees can only clock in when their devices are within the office’s Wi-Fi connectivity range. This prevents them from time card fraud, such as buddy punch-in.

The system also includes apps for team managers and HRs where they can monitor their team members’ attendance and location. The web app, also included in the system, provides managers with more detailed information on employees’ attendance and absences.

4. Calamari

Attendance management system by Calamari is a part of their comprehensive HR solution. It features clock-in and clock-out functionality, implemented with the iBeacon technology, QR code scanning, and other methods that eliminate the risk of fraud. Integrations with Slack and other software allow to use external tools for clocking in and export the data to other systems for processing and analysis.

Mobile apps allow employees to clock in and out easily and effortlessly, and also track GPS locations when an employee punches in. In the desktop version of the system available from web browsers, login works as clock-in, and start and stop buttons are available for tracking work start and end time. Managers can also limit the location for login by their office’s IP address range.

5. Deputy

Deputy attendance tracking system is a great solution for companies where employees are required to log shift start and end times. The system works as a kiosk in an iOS or Android tablet that is located at the workplace. Employees use the kiosk to clock in for their shifts by submitting a photo of themselves. This system prevents buddy punch-in and speeds up clock-in and –out process.

Other methods used to clock in are the app on the employees’ mobile devices, SMS, or Apple watch. The system collects attendance data and allows managers to run reports, plan breaks, bill customers, and ensure compliance with the company’s attendance regulations.

6. VeriClock

An accurate time and attendance system that allows employers to collect exact data on their employees’ presence at the workplace. Employees can clock in using phone, smartphone, or web browser. This eliminates the need to implement complex attendance systems and provides accurate attendance records.

After the data is collected, managers can run reports based on the saved data, and use them for processing payroll, billing customers, or handling absence issues on their teams. The system helps prevent cheating, fraud, and work time calculation errors.

7. Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is a scheduling and attendance system designed for managing employees’ attendance in real time. It allows workers to clock in and out online or using special apps. Clock-in and –out process involves facial recognition, QR code scanning, and IP address locks to avoid fraud. Automatic breaks feature ensures accurate time calculation by deducting break time from employees’ time cards.

To ensure that employees are clocking in from the right location, enable GPS tracking feature. This will allow to collect GPS data and stay updated on the team members’ whereabouts. Collect your team’s attendance data, approve time cards, run reports, and use the data in third-party systems for more advanced processing.


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