The Best Attendance Tracker Apps of 2024

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Effective employee attendance management is crucial for building strong HR, resource management, and customer service strategies. Managers have to stay aware of their team members’ current absences to plan schedules, allocate shifts, and handle absenteeism. Even a basic attendance tracker app can be of great help in this challenging task.

An attendance management policy is supposed to outline the procedures to deal with planned and unexpected absences. These procedures may vary depending on the company’s work specifics and standard practices or the industry or field. However, all of them are aimed to provide for:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Overtime pay cost savings.
  • Maintaining a positive work environment.
  • Compliance with labor laws.
  • Fairness, transparency, and even workload distribution.

An attendance tracking app can save time, increase accuracy, and make attendance management more efficient.
In this article, we’ve collected popular attendance monitoring and management apps – check them out below!

1. actiPLANS

actiPLANS is a user-friendly system for absence tracking and work scheduling. It streamlines leave request approval and time-off balance calculations, and besides, it simplifies resource planning and helps to build accurate work schedules in a flexible and super convenient way.

  • Add custom leave types and work activities to the system.
  • Schedule absences on intuitive visual timelines.
  • Notify your team members of the newest schedule changes via automated emails.

Why use actiPLANS?

  • The tool can be accessed from the browser or via a mobile app that works on Android and iOS devices.
  • A powerful reporting module provides managers and employees with accurate data on past and planned absences, leave balance figures, and time taken within a specific date range in a calendar view.
  • actiPLANS seamlessly integrates with actiTIME, a multifunctional work management system, allowing one to track employee time more efficiently.

Andrew P.,

Operations Manager

actiPLANS is simple to use and has allowed us to manage our team’s leave management effectively. The ability for all users to quickly see the remaining PTO and request leave at any time is a real boon. Before actiPLANS, we used a spreadsheet which required manually updating by a member of our team. This has now freed up that time for them to work on more important tasks

2. Clock Punch

ClockPunch screenshot

Clock Punch is a simple attendance app for Android that allows for keeping a record of work time. The app has an intuitive screen widget that allows recording start and stop times and shows time spent on work for the current day.

The app’s free version features the automated time clock functionality and the time log history for the previous five days, and no sign-in is required. The paid version offers automatic reminders and lets you track non-working time, including daily breaks, sick days, and vacations.

Clock Punch is a good choice for freelancers or contractors but isn’t likely to fit a bigger company or business, as all the data is saved on the user’s mobile.

Why use Clock Punch?

  • Minimalist interface with all the important data at hand.
  • Tags to manage different projects or jobs.
  • Importing data from XLS files.

3. WiFi Attendance

This one is an attendance monitoring system based on Wi-Fi connectivity.

It uses office Wi-Fi router devices to keep the employees in the network. This way, employees can only clock in when their devices are within the office’s Wi-Fi connectivity range. This prevents them from timecard fraud, such as buddy punch-in, but makes the system useless for remote teams.

Why use Wi-fi Attendance?

  • Separate apps for employees, managers, and HRs to monitor their team members’ attendance and location.
  • A unique approach to attendance tracking.
  • Offers basic leave management functionality.

4. Calamari

The attendance management system by Calamari is a part of their comprehensive HR solution. It features clock-in and clock-out functionality, implemented with the iBeacon technology, QR code scanning, and other methods that eliminate the risk of fraud.

Why use Calamari?

  • Integrations with Slack and other software allow external tools to clock in and export the data to other systems.
  • Mobile apps allow employees to clock in and out quickly and effortlessly.
  • Managers can limit the location for login by their office’s IP address range.

5. Deputy

The Deputy attendance tracking system is a great solution for companies where employees are required to log the start and end time of their shifts.

The system works as a kiosk in an iOS or Android tablet that is located at the workplace. Employees use the kiosk to clock in for their shifts by submitting a photo of themselves. This system prevents buddy punch-in and speeds up clock-in and -out process.

Why use Deputy?

  • A wide variety of clock-in methods, including the app on the employees’ mobile devices, SMS, or Apple watch.
  • Additional functionalities such as shift scheduling, run reporting, planning breaks, billing customers, etc.
  • A wide choice of integrations and API for data export.
Attendance app
Mobile Attendance System to Make Your Team’s Life Easier

Our free mobile attendance system is an efficient tool for team absence management. It combines the necessary time off tracking functionality with a simple-to-use interface and keeps workers’ privacy in check.

6. VeriClock

VeriClock is an accurate time and attendance tracking app that allows employers to collect exact data on their employees’ presence at the workplace. Employees can clock in using a phone, smartphone, or web browser.

After the data is collected, managers can run reports based on the saved data, and use them for processing payroll, billing customers, or handling absence issues on their teams.

Why use VeriClock?

  • A wide variety of clock-in methods, including the App, call-in by phone, clock-in by text message, or use our website.
  • Monitoring clocking-in data and project costs in real time.
  • Simple interface that integrates with devices of all kinds.


7. Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is a scheduling system and an attendance tracker designed for managing employees’ attendance in real time. It allows workers to clock in and out online or using special apps. Clock-in and -out process involves facial recognition, QR code scanning, and IP address locks to avoid fraud. Automatic breaks feature ensures accurate time calculation by deducting break time from employees’ time cards.

To ensure that employees are clocking in from the right location, enable GPS tracking feature. This will allow to collect GPS data and stay updated on the team members’ whereabouts.

Why use Buddy Punch?

  • Automated paid and unpaid time-off calculation.
  • Fits for monitoring remote teams via GPS.
  • Push notifications for the employees who forgot to punch in.

8. Insightful

Insightful is a multifunctional work management system and an attendance tracker that helps you handle resources more effectively and run payroll calculations with ease.

The software features simple-to-use timesheets, straightforward time clock functionality, automated timers, and informative reports. Besides, in case you wanna have even greater control over everything your employees do, you may apply Insightful’s activity monitoring module that keeps a detailed log of websites, and apps users utilize throughout the day + lets you track it all in real time.

Why use Insightful?

  • Switching between automated and manual time tracking to give your team flexibility and capture missed time.
  • Tracking paid/unpaid breaks and time off to promote staff wellness.
  • An intuitive dashboard that displays employee time, attendance, and productivity in an actionable way.

9. All Hours

All Hours is an intelligent employee attendance tracker that helps monitor employees’ presence and track staff absences, whether your team members work remotely or attend the office daily.

All Hours includes multiple handy reports and many valuable features for payroll automation. In addition, it can be applied via a time clock kiosk, the web, or a mobile device.

Why use All Hours?

  • Customizable types of work hours and absences.
  • Automated overtime tracking and management.
  • Interactive shift-scheduling calendar.

10. Personio

Personio is a contemporary people management platform with some robust employee attendance tools. It automates time tracking and payroll calculations. Plus, it helps to monitor employee absences and run reports that clearly show how your business resources are used.

One of the key Personio’s time-saving features is employee self-service. It allows your team members to manage and access their work-related data independently without referring to HR managers.

Why use Personio?

  • Creating fixed time breaks to ensure compliance to remain within a legally-secure framework.
  • Automated export of all the recorded working hours to the Personio app.
  • Preliminary payroll calculation.
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