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Scheduling is a part of work process that requires accuracy, precision, and attention to detail. Technology makes this task easier: there are various software solutions that simplify creation and update of schedules. Depending on company’s needs, you can choose a resource allocation product, an absence management solution, a shift planning tool, an appointment planning service, etc. We’ve selected some smart scheduling tools for companies of any size that help manage absences, schedules and shifts faster and with less effort.

1. actiPLANS

actiPLANS is an employee scheduling and absence management solution for teams of any size. It helps schedule leaves and other absences for future dates, automates leave request and approval process, calculates PTO and sick leave balances, and allows managers and employees to run reports on absence time. Basically, actiPLANS provides team managers and HR with valuable absence data for work planning and workload management.

actiPLANS supports unlimited leave types and is highly configurable to meet the requirements of different companies. It conveniently shows past and upcoming absences of team members on a calendar view, providing team members and managers with both general overview of schedules and all necessary details. Its mobile app allows to request leaves on the go, inform coworkers on last-minute schedule changes, and see who’s absent today.

2. Tempest

Tempest is a smart shift management and scheduling tool. In it, you can create shifts and automate staffing for them: as soon as you create a shift, the tool suggests a list of workers who can perform the work. Send notifications on upcoming shifts to the staff directly from Tempest so that no one misses their work time.

Tempest keeps all essential workers’ data, such as past and upcoming shifts, absences, documents, and job history, in employee cards. This way, you can manage work process more efficiently. The tool also allows managers to handle absences on the team with its simple application and approval procedure. Informative dashboards show key information on work hours, costs, etc.

3. Humanity

This scheduling app creates a clear view of upcoming shifts and schedules, helping avoid schedule conflicts and overlaps. It works as a convenient addition to many HR systems by integrating with them and keeping all schedule data visual and conveniently organized.

A helpful feature of this tool is implemented in tis mobile app: employees can have full control over their shifts. With the mobile app, they can stay informed on schedule changes, inform managers that they can take on upcoming work, and trade shifts. Humanity keeps and visualized key metrics, helping managers review current trends and prepare forecasts for future periods.

4. Shiftboard

Shiftboard app is designed for organizing work of hourly employees and managing shifts. It optimizes labor coverage, prevents excessive labor expenses, helps reduce overtime, and saves managers’ time spent on creating schedules and filling shifts.

Shiftboard automatically selects workers eligible for specific shifts, automatically sends notifications to employees on schedule updates, and supports two-way texting for better communication. The tool also has shift trading feature, allows employees to pick up open shifts that they prefer, and includes an availability preference setting so that employees let their employers know their preferable work time.

5. 7Shifts

7Shifts is an employee scheduling software system designed specifically for restaurants and food services. It streamlines operations, automates shift management, supports different locations, and helps control labor costs. The tool combines simple chart interfaces familiar to anyone who has been dealing with paper or spreadsheet shift management, and automation features that simplify and speed up organizational work.

The app helps managers and business owners save costs of employees’ work, prevent schedule overlaps, and stay informed on workers’ overtime with real-time notifications. With 7Shifts, it’s easier to stay in compliance with labor laws and keep employees happy.

6. Jobber

Jobber is a complex software tool for managing operations with a scheduling and dispatching module. It automates companies’ operations, helps manage various activities in one place, and helps in team coordination works. Being focused on home services companies’ needs, this tool is built with accuracy and clarity in mind. It features color codes for different types of activities, shows works to be done on a clear calendar view, and includes a map view to monitor works performed in different locations.

Besides scheduling, Jobber includes client management, payment processing, quoting, invoicing, communications and other features. Its reporting functionality helps managers get overviews of their team’s performance, evaluate work progress, and manage financial data.

7. Findmyshift

This tool is designed for organizing a clear employee scheduling and shift management process. It works for teams with hourly employees, part-time staff and shift workers that sometimes have complex work schedule patterns. Findmyshift allows to organize shifts and work intervals in a convenient chart, monitor employees’ presence at work, calculate payroll, and manage labor costs.

Findmyshift has a robust reporting module that includes dashboards with important data on performed work. Over 40 metrics are visualized on it to help managers stay informed on all aspects of work process. Automated reminders and notifications keep regular employees and managers posted on schedule changes and updates.

8. HotSchedules

This tool is a smart solution for automated schedule management that works as a centralized hub for labor management. It provides employees with control over their schedules, allowing them to pick up shifts, swap them, and get notified on upcoming schedule changes. For managers, the tool offers convenient ways to reduce labor costs, prevent schedule conflicts, and save time spent on organizational processes.

9. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling solution is a flexible tool for managing schedules and appointments. It helps organize interaction with customers in sales, services, and similar fields. The tool has a self-service feature that allows customers to book available time slots for meetings and calls, informs staff on schedule updates, and shows scheduled events on a calendar view. Acuity helps sales and customer service staff spend less time on scheduling processes, fueling customer satisfaction and business growth.


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