7 Free Absence Planners
for Your Business

Eliminate employee scheduling hiccups with a free absence planner.

You know that your staff is very passionate about vacations. And if by mistake, their pre-planned holiday gets ignored by their boss, it may invite a series of uncomfortable situations.

You may have been in such a position at least once when you forgot that an employee was taking time off, and yet you put them on an important task on the coinciding dates.

With a reliable absence management system, you can create error-free employee schedules. Avoid unnecessary overtime and last-minute shift changes with straightforward holiday management and time-off monitoring on a central team calendar.

But you don’t need to shell thousands of dollars to improve productivity. You can empower your staff and grow your business with the following free tools:


Streamline your employee leave scheduling process with actiPLANS. With the interactive absence chart, you no longer need the tedious email request process. Employees can log in and view the available information on current and upcoming absences, and schedule their leaves accordingly.

They get instantly notified on email about their request status change. This online leave management software makes for improved planning of your tasks and excellent coordination for teams. You can also build employee reports and analyze any patterns you find in their absence history.

actiPLANS is not just a leave management tool but also a flexible HR system that is available to you for $0 for up to 3 users. This factor makes it ideal for small businesses and fast-growing startups looking to manage their finances.


Vacationizr is an ideal leave management tool for modern companies that want to move on from Excel. It is available for a team with 5 users or fewer for free, and you can access the entire set of features without a commitment.

Each user gets a personal calendar with two switchable layouts that show their absences and vacation days left. Use customizable approval chains and manage the requests from specifically assigned employees. Enter absences or remove them, add users, sort them into specific teams, and more with this powerful tool.

On the dashboard, everyone can view a detailed protocol displaying leave requests and approvals. But you can also use the array of privacy settings controls to restrict what someone can see.


LeaveBoard is an easy-to-use absence planning tool that helps HR managers to streamline the process. It is more than just a leave management software; it also lets you generate accurate reports and coordinate centralized workforce data. If you have a team of 9 employees or fewer, use LeaveBoard to empower your staff.

You can also use the LeaveBoard free absence planner smartphone app or install software on any internet-connected device - Mac, PC, or any laptop. Every member of your team can access work-related details and stay in the loop with Slack integration.

If your organization has multiple leave types, create automatic, custom time-off policies. Delegate approvers for your staff and gain more time to focus on making strategic decisions.


Hrvey is a leave management tool that adapts to your workflow. You can quickly familiarize yourself with its simple and transparent user interface that helps in better decision-making. The software has a free tier that is suitable for offices in a single location with one team.

There is no restriction on the users you can add. Receive daily and weekly notifications, automatic updates and reminders or generate HR reports. Manage sick days, track employee vacations, or create your custom leave types for an unlimited period.

Get powerful integrations with G Suite and Slack, where users can book time off and get approved using the tool’s chatbot. You can work from your email and make leave-related decisions instantaneously on your mobile.


Sling is a free absence planner that makes your workflow much smoother by helping you handle internal communication. You can schedule shifts and approve time-off requests for unlimited users and locations.

Get absence notifications and reminders, and monitor the available shifts and vacation days with the news sharing feature. You can delegate unlimited managers or approvers for several teams and enhance your company’s employee scheduling capabilities.

Have your employees use the dedicated native iOS and Android apps to discuss among them and figure out their leave days. This feature can reduce late arrivals or double-booking and cut significant losses. Spend more time on your business with the saved hours using long-term scheduling and tracking options in the software.


HR.my is a free multi-lingual tool that is a rare combination of HR, online leave scheduling and payroll management. Use to keep track of your team for an unlimited time with the tool’s easy yet powerful features.

It is ideal for all workplace types, especially if you have different holiday schemes and multiple work days and shifts. Leave approvers can review their subordinates’ requests and accept those that do not disturb the current workflow.

Monitor your staff’s attendance with the Time Clock and Attendance Management System. You have the admin rights to access your team’s Employee Web Accounts for specific information as an employer or manager. Besides, you can also restrict the tool’s privacy settings and maintain maximum data security.

When I Work

When I Work, a free employee scheduling app does more than save you time and money. It helps you improve team coordination, internal communication and boost accountability among the staff.

Grow your business with increased productivity as your teams get notified about your entire work schedule. They can have real-time, one-on-one or group chats that ensure each member is on the same page. Employees up to 75 users can fill or trade shifts at the last moment, based on the team tasks and approved time-off requests.

You can also download the intuitive mobile app to use it on the go and set up the employee schedule in no time. Get overtime alerts and generate labor reports to manage your budget more effectively. Save valuable work hours spent on menial tasks and use them to make business-critical decisions.

Choose the Right Tool for Your Needs

There are indeed many free apps and tools available to track and schedule employee leaves. But it finally comes down to the needs of your organization. Choose a free absence planner that is well-suited to your company size and finances.


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