3 Unusual Ways of Using actiPLANS

actiPLANS was designed for absence management but its flexibility inspires our customers for multiple creative ways of using the product. Basically, it works as universal booking tool – instead of people you can put any items, property or locations and track its availability on the calendar.

In this post we would like to highlight 3 unusual ways of using actiPLANS that you may find useful for your business or personal purposes.

1. Property rental

Short-term renting is an uneasy business. You have to constantly track that booking periods don’t overlap while your tenants can cancel or change dates the very last minute. If you or your company rents several properties, put them on the list in actiPLANS and mark periods when they are booked.

Since there’re different leave types in the system, you can also schedule maintenance work in your apartments with different color.

This approach also works great for tracking availability of corporate apartments in different cities when your employees go on business trips.

If you rent any other types of venues, like conference halls in the hotel, it will be the same.

2. The use of equipment

Some equipment is quite expensive (like construction or video production) so many companies can have it only in one or two items. The lack of the necessary equipment on time, however, puts the project deadlines in danger.

Don’t be caught by surprise – list all your items in actiPLANS and ask your colleagues to book it in advance. With approval feature you can prioritize some requests over the other depending on the deadlines and project importance.

There’s another variation of this use case: you can track the books from your office library.

3. Travel itineraries

If you’re a small travel agency with a couple of guides that makes tours for several itineraries, you can only be in one place at a time. actiPLANS is a handy way to keep track of your tour schedule and ensure tours don’t overlap.

The same way, if your work requires constant moving between several offices or locations (like in case if you supervise several construction sites), keep track of your visits on actiPLANS calendar to be everywhere in time.

There are many ways in which actiPLANS can make your life easier. Start using it today!


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