Fact Check: Sickness-Related Absenteeism in UK and US

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Health-related absenteeism is one of the biggest headaches of managing a team. Whether it’s last-minute sick days, extended medical leave, or general missed time, unplanned absences can wreak havoc on business productivity, work schedules, and the bottom line.

While unavoidable to some degree, getting a handle on why and how often your people are out could help you minimize disruption. That’s where data comes in – by pulling back the curtain on trends, we can gain valuable insights and get better at dealing with the issue effectively.

This whitepaper offers a comprehensive, data-driven look at health-related absenteeism in the UK and the US. Here, we explore:

  • Historical sickness absence rates in both countries
  • How employers’ approaches to employee well-being have evolved
  • The effects of COVID-19 on work environments
  • The main causes of sickness absences

Finally, and most importantly, we provide actionable tips for employers on how to minimize sickness absence in the workplace. Our hope is that this whitepaper will serve as a valuable resource for businesses looking to improve their employee well-being and drive better outcomes for all.

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