Choosing Leave Management System: How to Find the Perfect Match?

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Leave management systems provide a streamlined and convenient way to handle employees’ time off requests, thus saving your organization a tremendous amount of time and effort.

But with so many different types of systems on the market today, how can you be sure you’re making the right choice?

We understand how challenging the selection process can be – which is why we created this guide on finding the perfect match when choosing leave management system.

Keep reading our blog post for tips on what factors and features should influence your decision-making process.

What Is a Leave Management System?

In simple terms, a leave management system is a software solution or a set of processes that an organization uses to manage employees’ leave time, both planned and unplanned. It streamlines the way employees request time off, and allows managers to quickly approve, deny, or modify those requests while ensuring compliance with adopted company policies and relevant labor laws.

A typical leave management system provides various features, including:

  • Real-time visibility of employee availability,
  • Automated leave balance tracking,
  • Bespoke types of leave,
  • Staff absence reports, etc.

Some more advanced systems often contain employee self-service tools, automated notifications, and integration with payroll and HR management systems.

Such solutions not only may help you to efficiently manage time off and minimize errors but also provide valuable insights and data on employee attendance, trends, and utilization to improve workforce planning and decision-making.

Benefits of Using High-Quality Leave Management Software

  • Reduced administrative burden: Leave management software automates the entire leave request and approval process, which significantly decreases the administrative burden on HR staff. All requests are automatically routed to the relevant managers and supervisors, eliminating the need for manual tracking and follow-up.
  • Improved accuracy and compliance: By standardizing the leave request and approval process, leave management software helps to ensure that company policies are consistently and accurately applied. This reduces the risk of non-compliance with relevant labor laws and company regulations.
  • Enhanced employee experience: Software that provides employees with a self-service portal empowers them to take control of their own leave requests and PTO data, which ultimately contributes to higher satisfaction with the workplace.
  • Better resource planning: Leave management systems supply managers with both a real-time and a historical view of employee availability, which makes it easier to plan and allocate resources for projects, prevent staffing shortages, and make certain that work is evenly distributed across the team.
  • Lower costs: Efficient management of employee leave can have a significant impact on labor costs. By reducing the risk of unplanned absences and allowing you to predict workforce capacity and staffing needs, leave management software helps to minimize the necessity for overtime or hiring temporary employees.

What to Look for When Choosing a Leave Management System?

1. Automation to reduce administrative burden and save time

A good leave management system allows for fully automated leave request approval and streamlines time off accrual from the start till the end.

Here are the two main reasons why it’s important:

  • Efficiency boost: Automation allows us to deal with the high volume of leave requests more quickly and effectively. Without it, the HR team would have to manually process every leave request, which can be time-consuming, to say the least. An automated system can fast-track and approve such requests, allowing HR managers to focus on bigger issues that affect the organization’s success.
  • Fewer errors: Automation also minimizes the possibility of errors that could arise from manual processes. For instance, an HR employee may not be aware of an employee’s current leave balance and approve a request that would overspend the available time off balance. It’s easy to make such mistakes, especially in large teams, but an automated system ensures that the accrued balance of an employee’s leave days is always up to date and accurate.
Automated approval

Simplify PTO calculations and leave request approval with smart automation in actiPLANS

2. Flexible settings to match your workflows just perfectly

Different organizations have unique leave policies that need to be taken into account. Thus, a rigid, non-customizable system can result in errors, inconsistencies, and employee dissatisfaction.

A flexible leave management system, on the other hand, allows for the creation and management of different leave types, including parental leave, sabbaticals, and whatnot. It also accommodates different accrual rates, eligibility criteria, and carryover policies, among other settings.

One of the key benefits of a flexible system is that it provides organizations with the autonomy to manage and cater to their leave management requirements. This is especially true for companies with remote workplaces, multi-country offices, or those with key employees who work different schedules.

In sum, by applying flexible leave management software, you will ensure that everything is run in line with your internal PTO policy and establish a truly smooth leave management process.

Custom leave types

actiPLANS lets you create multiple custom leave types and adjust the entire leave management process to your needs just perfectly

3. User-friendly interface for simpler experience

No one likes complicated and convoluted processes or tools – they increase the risk of error, require lots of time for learning, and are simply annoying and difficult to use. Hence, software solutions with simple and intuitive interfaces have a strong competitive advantage over complex ones.

One benefit of using a user-friendly leave management system is that it takes the guesswork out of requesting time off. A comprehensive system with clear and easy-to-navigate user interfaces can help employees feel more comfortable about requesting time off when they need it. This promotes transparency and helps to foster positive employee attitudes.

Furthermore, user-friendly systems help to reduce the amount of time it takes to process leave requests. Instead of traditional paper-based systems, employees can log on to the system, and with just a few clicks, submit their request, which can be automatically tracked and responded to, avoiding major workplace disruptions.

actiPLANS features intuitive visual timelines that simplify time off management process right from the start

4. Employee self-service for easier access to personal data

A leave management system with employee self-service functionality is a crucial tool for HR departments. Here’s why:

  • Reduced workload for HR: Instead of having HR managers looking through emails or paper forms from every employee and chasing down colleagues because of incomplete requests, self-service functionality allows employees to input their requests directly. This results in faster response times and a more streamlined process for everyone involved.
  • Empowered workforce: With self-service functionality, employees can easily see their available leave balance, request time off, and monitor the status of their request online. This helps them to reach higher employee satisfaction and stronger team morale, which can ultimately lead to higher retention rates.

Provide your team members with easy access to their accrued time off data

5. Calendar integrations for greater convenience and visibility

When it comes to managing employee leave, time is of the essence. Companies need a easy way to stay up-to-date on their employees’ vacation or sick time, so they can ensure that all shifts are adequately scheduled and projects are adequately staffed.

That’s where integration with online calendars comes in.

By syncing an employee’s leave schedule with their personal calendar, managers can quickly see who is scheduled to be out of the office on any given day. This allows them to make informed decisions about staffing and project management, without having to dig through piles of paperwork or manually update their employee tracking systems.

In other words – it’s efficient!

actiPLANS integrations
How actiPLANS Integrations Improve Resource Management

actiPLANS supports integration with actiTIME and different online calendar apps. It can help you manage time off data with greater ease and make your work process more efficient.

6. Informative reports for data-driven decision-making

Without accurate and detailed information on employee leave, managers cannot make informed decisions about scheduling, resource allocation, and workload management. Inaccurate or incomplete data can lead to overstaffing, understaffing, and missed deadlines and negatively impact the productivity and profitability of the organization.
Besides, informative time off reports can help you comply with your legal obligations.

Many countries have specific rules and regulations regarding employee leave, including the number of days off, the types of leave, and the documentation required to authorize leave.  With access to accurate and real-time absence tracking data, you can ensure your business follows the law and avoids any potential legal risks.

Review and analyze employee absence data in depth using a variety of actiPLANS reports

7. Notifications to keep everyone in the loop

Automatic notifications and reminders are a real life-saving invention. They help us to stay up to date with critical information and be on time for important events without the need to keep a lot of stuff inside our heads.

When it comes to leave management, there are a couple of reasons why notifications are useful:

  • Timely approval: With a notification system, HR managers can receive alerts when a new leave request comes in and quickly process it without any delay. This helps avoid conflict and lets employees receive timely responses.
  • Greater transparency: Employees often want to know the status of their leave requests and be kept in the loop about any changes. A notification system can help maintain transparency by automatically sending updates at every stage of the leave management process, from approval to cancellation or rescheduling.
  • Efficiency boost: Notifications make the leave management process much quicker and on point while ensuring that no leave request has fallen through the cracks.
actiPLANS streamlines leave request approval

Set up automated email notifications in your actiPLANS account to stay in the know of incoming leave requests and new schedule changes

8. Mobile app for absence management on the go

Today’s employees rely heavily on their smartphones and tablets to accomplish daily tasks. This trend is evident across all industries and demographics, with mobile internet usage surpassing desktop usage in many countries.

Offering a mobile app for leave management not only caters to this mobile-focused trend but also offers numerous benefits to employees and employers alike.

A mobile leave management app provides employees with the flexibility to request leave, check leave balances, and receive notification updates while on the go. This feature is particularly useful for remote workers or employees who aren’t always in front of a computer.

Furthermore, a mobile app enhances employee engagement and satisfaction by providing them with a tool that simplifies leave management. This leads to higher satisfaction and improved morale among employees.

9. Cost-efficiency

For smaller businesses or those with limited resources, choosing a cost-efficient solution can be the difference between implementing a system at all or going without. Yet even if you have a ton of money to spare, it’s essential to consider what value a piece of software actually brings to the table.

A complex, high-end leave management system may provide an array of features and benefits, but it surely comes with a significant price tag. In contrast, a simpler system that focuses on providing the essential core features needed by most organizations can deliver excellent value while saving money.

By choosing a cost-efficient and cost-effective solution, you maximize the chance to gain long-term financial benefits of streamlining HR processes, reducing the time spent on manual tasks.

Schedule both staff absences and work activities in actiPLANS without paying extra

10. Impeccable data security

As organizations transition towards digitized leave management systems, maintaining the security of the data within this system continues to be a top priority. With sensitive employee information stored and processed in these systems, it’s crucial that they provide impeccable data security to safeguard against both insider and outsider threats:

  • To protect your business against insider threats, a leave management system must have robust access controls and user permissions that will prevent unauthorized access to information, data breaches, or even intentional damage to the system.
  • And in response to outsider threats, your software must have strong encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication systems, and other advanced security measures that provide a high level of protection against cyberattacks or other types of social engineering tactics.

Apart from the potential legal and financial consequences of any data breaches or cyber-attacks, there can also be negative impacts on employee trust, customer relationships, and overall business reputation. Thus, make sure to give the factor of data security enough thought when choosing leave management system.

Get Yourself the Perfect Leave Management Solution

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On top of that, actiPLANS can be integrated with your online calendar, ensuring that all leave data is easily accessed even when you’re not logged into the system. Plus, it provides a bunch of informative reports that offer valuable insight into your organization’s leave management and help to make informed decisions.

actiPLANS is built with data security in mind, ensuring that your organization’s sensitive information is protected at all times. You can trust us to keep your data safe and secure.

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