What Is Attendance Management Software
and What Can It Do for Your Company

Attendance management is a more complicated process than just making sure employees are present at their workplaces. It includes a wide range of activities, from preventing absenteeism to planning future absence schedules taking into account upcoming workloads.

Only a part of absences and schedule changes is planned in advance. A significant fraction of them is actually last-minute changes: it can be tardiness due to traffic or any unexpected events, calling in sick, the need to leave early, and other cases that just cannot be planned in advance.

That’s the reason why attendance management is a process that needs to be performed in real time. And, as a real-time process, it predictably consumes lots of time and effort. However, many businesses still prefer to run it with Excel spreadsheets and similar tools, considering special automated systems redundant and hardly affordable.

What’s wrong with traditional attendance management process?

Experience of many businesses and teams shows that attendance management is especially demanding when performed manually. In this case, it implies duplicated work and double-check of data stored in different parts of the document, while requiring quick action and high attention to detail.

A particularly exhausting part of keeping records in spreadsheets and similar tools is manually checking every data entry and keeping the document updated. Think of logging tardiness notes received via a messenger into a spreadsheet – every day! The inability to run an attendance log in multiuser mode adds pain to the management process.

Eventually, manual attendance logging systems significantly increase the cost of maintaining actual information in attendance logs and managing employees’ absences. They not only slow down work, but also leave room for errors, damaging work efficiency. Automating attendance management process brings various benefits to managers and teams.

Benefits of implementing an attendance management software tool

Adopting a special software tool for attendance management turns out to be a reasonable solution for a team of any size. Automation brings efficiency and hassle-free management processes – let’s see how this works in attendance management.

  • Lots of saved time. The ability to configure complicated processes and rules (for example, for leave balance accrual) and apply individual rules to team members eliminates the need to calculate any values manually. What’s more, employees’ self-service saves time spent on communicating with managers regarding absence requests. It also means less paperwork – and more time for actual work tasks.
  • Increased accuracy. A system specifically designed for handling absence requests, logging attendance and absences, and calculating related figures eliminates human errors. This ensures more accurate payroll processing and reduces effort spent on it.
  • Better decision-making. The system keeps all data on employees’ attendance and provides the ability to structure it logically and visually in reports and charts. This speeds up and simplifies decision-making process regarding any aspect of attendance management: approving or rejecting leave requests, handling absenteeism or presenteeism issues, etc. The data, summarized and grouped in reports, also reveals important trends and allows to take necessary action as soon as possible.
  • Clear and visual work planning process. With an attendance management software system, team and project managers stay aware of who’s in the office on each specific day. This allows them to plan workloads for future periods and distribute work accordingly.
  • Streamlined leave request and approval process. Special procedures preset in the system for requesting a leave and making a decision regarding its approval or rejection means less time spent on leave request processing and related communication. If your tool provides the ability to leave comments to requests, approvals and rejections, it completely eliminates the email back-and-forth from leave management process.
  • Clarity and transparency of absence history and balance changes. All data related to absences is stored in the system, so any employee can see their balances with the full list of changes made to them. This increases transparency and eliminates the risk of misunderstandings and workplace conflicts they might cause. Attendance logs can also provide justifications to managers’ decisions and actions regarding their employees’ performance.
  • Staying updated on team members’ absences. Some of special software systems include tools that allow employees to inform their coworkers and managers about last-minute changes in their schedules. This is particularly convenient with mobile apps that provide a quick and easy way to let everyone on the team know you’re running late or leaving early.


Attendance management software is a time-saver for both managers and employees, and a helpful solution for any team. It automates routine processes, eliminates the risk of errors, provides a log of historical data, and allows to use absence data for analysis and decision-making. Basically, it increases efficiency of attendance management, reduces related work costs, and frees up time for actual work.


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