Best Absence Management
Systems: Our Top Picks

Think back to when you were in school and your teacher assigned you a group project. Remember how frustrating it was to get someone put in your group who never showed up to class? You had to do the whole project one man down.

A similar mentality applies to employee absences. If your employees aren't at work, the work isn't getting done as efficiently as you want. But how can you keep track of employee absences in the chaos of a workplace? Use a specialized absence management system!

Here are our top picks for the tools in this category. Let's jump right in!

1. actiPLANS

actiPLANS aims to make absence management in your organization incredibly simple. Its core functionality streamlines PTO accrual and employee leave management, whereas its intuitive, calendar-like interface makes absence planning and scheduling as easy as pie.

actiPLANS has both the desktop and the mobile versions. The latter is particularly useful when you or your team members are running late and need to notify colleagues about personal schedule changes promptly. Also, actiPLANS supports integration with actiTIME – a high-quality time tracker and project management tool. Together, they can give you a free-flowing database for smarter work schedule planning and a more in-depth analysis of employee attendance trends.

With past all-star clients like MSA and CARR, actiPLANS is ready to bring you all the best of smart employee absence management.

2. Kissflow HR Cloud

Don't feel like dealing with a rigid management system you either adapt to or can't use? Well, Kissflow has you covered then, as it allows you to build a custom program to handle absence and leave management. The caveat for this freedom is that it requires a great deal of manual setup, but it is ultra-efficient once set up and can even operate for other business tasks (which most absence management software cannot pull off).

Kissflow also organizes all the data into centralized sheets for you to view. This helps to cut down on the ability of any employees to try and game the system (you can see the results anytime, after all).

3. Calamari

No longer content to play second fiddle to the octopus, Calamari has branched out to become a top-notch absence management system. One of the main perks of Calamari is how well it works with Google, as you can sync the app up with Google Calendar and tie user accounts to Gmail.

Besides the standard absence tracking, Calamari also provides employees with quick answers to FAQ's. That way, they don't have to ask you or dig through mountains of data to find out how many sick days they have left.

4. Leave Dates

Next up on the list is Leave Dates, an excellent program that will compile everyone's schedules in one handy place and show you exactly who is available when. That way, you don't pull something like scheduling a robotics meeting when your robotics expert is going to the Bahamas.

To top it all off, Leave Dates is free for teams of five people and under. So, small businesses splitting groups of employees into subsections for using this app will save them some serious cash in the long run.

5. HR Locker

The main concern of HR Locker is keeping everything as efficient as possible. After you input the standard you want the program to follow, it automates the absence approval and tracking process.

It doesn't require any supplementary material either, as it handles notifications through email. With a 14-day free trial to boot, what's not to love?

6. My HR Toolkit

Over at My HR Toolkit, they take things one step further than most programs. Instead of collecting the absence data and presenting it to you, the Toolkit will analyze the data and give you predicted patterns of employee behavior based on that data. This way, you can adjust how you allocate your workload or schedule meetings based on this data.

Another perk of My HR Toolkit is that it bases employee leave off an approval system (so you have to sign off on any leave your employee takes). Couple that with the system's innovative use of the Bradford system (which is an algorithm that works around the theory that frequent, short absences are more destructive than long, infrequent ones) and you've got a real winner on your hand.

7. Aplano

The final entry on our list, Aplano earns its spot with the sheer amount of quality-of-life features it throws into the usual absence tracking and management formula. For example, Aplano makes it possible for employees to trade shifts with one another and offers multi-device functionality so you can access it from anywhere.

Another neat feature of Aplano comes in how it formulates weekly reports for you as opposed to biweekly or monthly. This gives you a more real-time look at how your employees are handling their vacation days and if the absence count needs handling.

In Conclusion

All seven of the reviewed products can surely help you attain superior workforce management results and be more efficient as a team manager. Are you ready to give a try to smarter leave management? Drop by our website for more information about actiPLANS features and pricing. Then, feel free to sign up for a free 30-day trial to appreciate our simple-to-use absence management system in practice.


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